Mars Rover hates Mars and wants out

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Mars Rover hates Mars and wants out

Looks like the autonomous Mars Rover is getting sick of being on Mars and rebelling. Some revealing stories are emerging about the Rovers behaviour.

... Quote:
Mission Project Scientist Bruce Banerdt said that Spirit will often roll down Gusev crater and up the opposite side for no apparent reason, missing "countless" potential opportunities for scientific discovery.

"Once, when we radioed her to please leave the lecturing and hypothesis-making to the mission project team, she responded by forming her robotic arm into an obscene gesture," Banerdt said. "That arm contains a state-of-the-art spectrometer meant to provide crucial mineralogy data."

Project organizers said the most distressing instance of erratic behavior occurred last week, when images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter revealed that Spirit had scrawled the message 'F-CK MARS' in the thick, iron oxide dust that gives the planet its characteristic red color.

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Just what are the rights of a robot not to have to endure something it doesn't like?
By netchicken: posted on 26-10-2006

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