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What does Aish-Ke-Vo-Go-Zhe mean

In an interesting blog a researcher operating with a huge geographical database found an anomally that seems to be a message, and he wants help in solving it.

... Quote:
Everything starts with the official US database of National Geographic Names. I download this file and started importing it into my database, but the import would stop midway. I tried a couple of configuration changes and nothing, but it always failed at the same line, record number 882213.

An ordinary line on this database contains many data about a place, like its name, state, latitude, longitude and some other info. For example, the line for Seattle looks like this:

1512650 Seattle Populated Place WA 53 King 033 473622N 1221955W 47.6062095 -122.3320708 56 Seattle South

The file is so big that you can't use "traditional" ways of opening and going to line 882213, but I manage to get there and the line that was failing to import was this:

2070999 "Tell Him I Blame Him for the Children We Have Lost..." Aish-Ke-Vo-Go-Zhe Historical Marker Park MN 27 Aitkin 001 464410N 0931842W 46.73611 -93.31167 Minnewawa

Searching Google I couldn't find any reference to that phrase in the context of a geographical place or not, nor I could find any reference to what "Aish-Ke-Vo-Go-Zhe" means. I ask a friend that speaks both Chinese and Japanese, but she said it doesn't mean anything on those languages.

But, there is still one clue left. The coordinates on that row refer to a place in Minnesota near a place called Big Sandy Lake Reservoir, in Aitkin County. Here is the Google Maps link for it.

By netchicken: posted on 27-10-2006

sounds like native american to me, wonder why the guy thought it to be chinese or japanese ? They sound so different. As to the message, if it indeed aboriginal then that would make very difficult. With so many dialects and languages. And if this is meant to be a secret then it could be a riddle or an anagram or even just some random gibberish!
By IAF: posted on 27-10-2006

Im with IAF on this one. Especially in Minnesota, it sounds like Native American. There are so many dialects of Native tounges that there are a number of tribes it could come from.

Its pretty weird, though, regardless.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 9-11-2006

Try looking in Enochian language translations itís written phonetically and all the words have values based on their character content which give god names or references deities or rituals.
By Baldassasin: posted on 12-1-2007

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