Israel considering allowing Badr Brigade pass into Gaza

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Israel considering allowing Badr Brigade pass into Gaza

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Israeli officials on Saturday were deliberating over Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' request to grant Jordan-based Palestine Liberation Organization troops entry into the Gaza Strip.

Abbas made his request two weeks ago, in hopes of beefing up his loyalist forces, as rival Palestinian factions bolstered their ranks in anticipation of a feared civil war.

This reminds me of how the U.S. got into so many tangled messes because of the Cold War; in order to wall in the Soviet blight, we allied up with people and governments no freedom-loving nation would normally befriend.

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Israel has objected in the past to letting members of the Jordan-based Badr Brigade enter Palestinian areas. But with clashes intensifying between Abbas' Fatah Party and forces loyal to the Palestinians' militant Hamas government, Israeli officials said they would consider allowing them in.

The Badr Brigades are composed of several thousand Palestinians, mostly long-time PLO activists.

Israel is looking at instability she hasan't seen in quite a while; anti-semitism is growing around the world as radical Islam fans fires of hate and discontent, Iran and Syria use proxy groups to poke at Israel while Iran developes nuclear capabilities unheeded and asserts it will destroy Israel. Meanwhile, Fatah and HAMAS threaten to bring bloody violence and confusion to Israel's lawn.
I can see why it would be a thought to allow the Badr beef up Abbas' Fatah party to insure HAMAS doesn't start and win a civil war, but it still amounts to increasing the number of armed militants in Gaza who want to see Israel dead.

Tough choices to make for Israel nowadays, and her friends seem to be nowhere to be found.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 29-10-2006

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