Why Corvettes are cheap !?

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Why Corvettes are cheap !?

Here is a good clip taken originally from Top Gear about the Chevy, though quite uncomplimentary at times it does come show what the corvette is all about and the price of "globalization" ( read made in china!). :tu


**Sorry for the delay, couldnt get the bloody thing to play, had to load the player and then video! Its fixed now!:yak
By IAF: posted on 30-10-2006

You know, IAF, I picked up a cutting board - a simple piece of wood - and found it to NOT be made over here.

We can't even make a piece of board anymore!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-10-2006

How many Americans want to earn 20 cents an hour making cutting boards these days ? The illegal immigrants!!
Heck its cheaper to build whole cars in China and FedEx them over here courier charges and all than having American workers build them state side and thats what Ford, GM etc do.
By IAF: posted on 30-10-2006

Well, it is obvious that we need higher taxes and a raised minimum pay!
That'll fix it all!
Sorry, been watching too many political ads today.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-10-2006

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