The death of a good soldier.

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The death of a good soldier.

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Staff Sergeant Kiril Golenshein was killed early Wednesday during an Israel Defense Forces operation in the Gaza Strip. Golenshein served in the IDF's canine unit.

The son of Russian immigrants, Kiril told his parents he wanted to join the military. His fatehr wasn't too thrilled because he knew that braves soldiers serve the whims of politicians and he didn't trust them.

This young man, a warrior, could have served in any number of combat units, but his final choice was to be a dog handler. To be a dog handler, one must have patience, be selfless and be willing to go first into dangerous places. I know, I was a dog handler way back in my day. I had a few bullets thrown my way but was never hit; Kiril wasn't as fortunate.
I drink to this young man; the world is worse off without this man. I pray he didn't die for nothing.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 2-11-2006

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