Two-wombed woman delivers twin babies

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Two-wombed woman delivers twin babies

HARBIN, Nov. 13 (Xinhuanet) -- A 25-year-old Chinese peasant woman with two wombs has become the proud mother of a pair of baby girls after 39 weeks of pregnancy in both wombs.

  Her babies, slightly underweight at 2.3 kg and 2 kg, were born on Nov. 1 after a 45-minute Caesarean section at a maternity hospital in Mudanjiang City in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang.

  Unlike identical twins which are conceived from the same egg, the two sisters are the products of two different eggs, similar tofraternal twins, and may not grow up to be very much alike, doctors predict.

  Obstetricians at the hospital where the babies were born, said they noticed major differences in the sisters' features shortly after they were born.

  The mother has a pair of vaginas and wombs by genetic inheritance. She was put under special care before the operation, as the dual delivery could easily have caused damage to the wombs,hemorrhaging or high blood pressure, said Zou Danfeng, the obstetrician who helped the mother through her delivery.

  Zou said the mother had fully recovered from the operation and was now at home with the babies, but did not give the woman's name.

  Experts say about one out of a thousand women have two wombs, most of whom are more likely to have miscarriages or premature babies and only one out of a million can have two babies deliveredfull term.

  By the end of 2000, six two-wombed mothers in China had delivered twin babies, according to Shang Zhifan, head of the Mudanjiang maternity hospital.
By William One Sac: posted on 19-11-2002

Two Vagina's too!!!

This sounds like one of your fantasies William1 Sac.
By John bull: posted on 21-11-2002


I actually have a friend that has a septum as this woman has. But until now I the medical professionals had said that women who have these usually have unequal sides to the uterine. One side, if they get pregnant on, cannot carry a baby to full-term. The other side is okay. The good news is that the atrophy carries out to the vagina. But sperm don't actually have to have actual penetration to get on the smaller side. My friend had two miscarriages from pregnancies on the wrong side. This woman is special!

And, yes, there are two vaginas...actually one, with a septum down separating the halves.
By sweetpea: posted on 7-11-2003

let me first say hi ..maybe not the right place to introduce myself but this subject has facsinated me ..and having had two seperate wombs im trying to find information about this to try and find out what the possible causes of this genetic phenomina is ..i also have a duplex system of the renal area lamans terms i have three kidneys its not a joke im being serious here ...and trying to find more information about this if any one can give any information about this i would be very grateful ..
yes i do have two children but were born very early as each side of my wombs were very small ..and yes i have had numerous miscarriages before they found out my problem ...i have since had these wombs removed but my kidneys are still intact ..and working fine ..
thanks for sharing this ..and i hope u can help ..i do have very serious reasons for why i need to know this information and if interested will give out this information ..
great looking site by the way

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By fallen angel: posted on 10-12-2003

Welcome aboard Angel :)

I hope you fnd the info you need :)
By netchicken: posted on 10-12-2003

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