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The Science of Extraterrestrials.


I have received this following text recently, and got the book The Science of Extraterrestrials through their Internet website. I have almost finished it and it is worth it. I strongly recommend it if you want to learn something new, well-written and really clever about UFOs, extraterrestrials and paranormal stuff. Be careful, even if it’s for a large public, it is about science, not for the dummies.


UFOs Explained at Last!

A revolution for our mind.

60 years after the Roswell UFO incident, and after hundreds of thousands of UFOs sightings, The Science of Extraterrestrials will change your vision of the universe. But most importantly, you will change the vision of what you really are.

This book scientifically explains the UFOs and PARANORMAL phenomena. But it also reveals why you dream, and proves the life after death!

This book is the next step of our knowledge, well beyond Einstein. It is the scientific leap that many are waiting for! It is a great but easy breakthrough to understand.

Everywhere people are praising The Science of Extraterrestrials:

” It is huge, it’s like a Copernicus revolution just like the one in every millennium in science. This may be the most important book ever published on UFOs”. Michel Picard, author of Les OVNIs, laboratoire du futur (UFOs, Laboratory of Future)

"This would explain all the paranormal, I indeed say all the supernatural, more exactly all the natural not already explained, and one must give to him the Nobel prize of physics". Michel Carmassi (Phd) Physicist.

Call the toll free number 1-888-BOOKS-60 today (1-888-266-5760), and you can order your copy of The Science of Extraterrestrials (receive a 10% discount: $22.41 only (reg. $24.90)),

or visit .

Presentation of The Science of Extraterrestrials:

This is at last the breakthrough which brings the solution to the mysterious UFOs and to the paranormal phenomena. After more than a half century of investigation, Éric Julien offers – at last – a global and scientific solution, of great challenge, that was launched to science. For Éric Julien, the fractal nature of time and its three dimensions lead to the surfacing of a revolutionary and global theory: Absolute Relativity!

Scientific, yet open to the public eye, the explanations herein contained that will be an event, are of stringent precision. They enlighten us on the errs of science and offer an authentic comprehension of aliens’ technology, that the author, schemes for proof, calls ExtraTemporals. Of a prodigious coherence, as much as for the phenomena unexplained by modern science at the scale of galaxies and atoms, the Science of Extraterrestrials, explains every strange situation : antigravity, UFOs propulsion, abductions by ETs, crop circles formation, strange luminous phenomena, poltergeists, ghosts, life post mortem and other time travel. All these phenomena are explained by a unique concept. Having been faced with a strange omerta for his was proclaimed to be disturbing to some, this work will involve without doubt a philosophical revolution.

Biography of author

The author is a former fighter pilot trainee, a military air traffic controller, twin-jet pilot in the commercial aviation, station manager for an international airline company and airport manager in the great Parisian airports. Holding a post-graduate degree in Economic Science on new technologies, he also has an Airport Senior Manager Certificate from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (National School of Civil Aviation) in France. He states having had contacts with extraterrestrials and shares in this body of work his understanding of the universe. He authored two others books in French and has participated to several national radio and TV shows.

The Science of Extraterrestrials is available ONLY at or 1-888-BOOKS-60.

Hard cover with luxurious jacket – 135 illustrations – 400 pages.
By PeteD: posted on 9-11-2006

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