150 Baghdad Researchers Kidnapped

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150 Baghdad Researchers Kidnapped

This is massive! I can't quite grasp who is responsible or what their fates may be from the article but how does just anyone hide 150 abductees?

... Quote:
The kidnapping is the largest of any group since about 50 people taken from the offices of a private security company in March. Their fate remains unknown.

"It was quick operation. It took about 10 to 15 minutes," Theyab said. "It was a four-story building and the gunmen went to the four stories."

Makki said the gunmen had a list of names of those to be taken and claimed to be on a mission from the government's anti-corruption body. Those kidnapped included the institute's deputy general directors, employees, and visitors, he said.

By MELtdown: posted on 14-11-2006

In Iran they are doing their best to close down the universities and remove academics who do not follow the party line. Their president Iminadinnerjacket was complaining at the slow process of removing them to the media.

I wonder if thats part of the situaton here, drive the intellectuals out of Iraq, in preparation for religious Islamic rule (of which intelligence plays no part)

Also there is the wonderful income kidnappers can make frrom the process.
By netchicken: posted on 15-11-2006

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