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Abovetopsecret.com is about to sell out

In a new thread on Abovetopsecret.com (The Haliburton of the internet) the board admin have employed an old tactic in the media of priming their members before bad news hits.

They are alerting the members to accept change, and wrapping that message in a touchy feely and warm cuddles inclusive language designed to deflect the coming conflict.

What's going to happen?

Basically in order to increase numbers to a flagging site, the Admin appear to be on the edge of selling out, of increasing advertising, and attracting the more mainstream users on the net instead of maintaining their traditional conspiracy focused posters.

... Quote:
... we've reached what appears to be a plateau -- there is a finite number of people who would seek out the kind of topics presented on ATS.

The good news is that thanks to all of your efforts, they're finding us. The bad news is that any entity must continue to grow, or there is risk of stagnation and decay... and this is the nature of our current cusp.

Apparently Abovetopsecret.com has grown as far as it can get in its current incarnation. In a bid to increase revenue, an obliquely referred to goal, and new members, they are abandoning the core focus of the site and hoping through advertising to attract the general public.

... Quote:
Currently, after a lengthy period of banner ad testing, and a long list of test alternatives in the Google ads ... we're in the area of some income beyond the cost of the servers that is split among the Amigos.

I think Springer is looking for more than that, which is why he laments that "we're making no money", but we're never sure what amount will change his tune.

This raises the question, how will the traditional members of Abovetopsecret.com react? No longer will "I pray to reptoids" be an acceptable post; no longer will "UFO's are real and they are coming to get us" be a popular topic. New mainstream members will necessitate new forums and new focuses.

Seems ATS is about to reinvent itself, get ready for some bannings and members abandoning ship.
By netchicken: posted on 18-11-2006

I am truly hoping that is not the case, but it seems that way. Which sucks, as the internet has loads and loads of just mundane boring topic boards. If ATS does this, it will no longer be special.

I have noticed, however, that talk tends to be more political and innane, and the conspiritorial parts simply are dying off. Who knows.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 18-11-2006

From what I gather they claim that they want to reduce the actual number of adds that appear on the page but mass-market the ATS site in itself thought TV, radio and the major websites.

Another drive which they claim to be in the spirit of "giving back to society" is to conduct paid research on conspiracy and other related topics thought their membership. Apparently they have contacts with TOP scientists ( or so they claim) who find ATS and its members promising and would like to fund research into topics thought them. That would something like a quasi-investigatory body on the board. One aspect of this remains unknown though, whether the actual investigators will be paid or will the money pass into the ATS accounts ??

Let us not forget the long proposed and much touted ATS TV show!

It appears that there is much going on behind the scenes from what little has been reveled.
By IAF: posted on 18-11-2006

Your right Twilight Rogue, I have been reading threads on ATS for 6 years and the conspiracy posts which ATS is known for have almost disappearred from the recent posts area. I can bearly find a decent thread to read.

It's sad to see that this once great conspiracy community has begun to die. Once they flood the site it will destroy it permanently. Good-Bye ATS
By YCON: posted on 18-11-2006

I am really worried about the future for the poor posters on ATS (Another Tacky Slogan) who are going to find their posts on the existance of bigfoot, aliens, reptoids, and OBE's are not appreciated by the influx of white middle class America attracted by the advertising.

On one hand Skepticoveralls speaks of the need to diversify as the current market is at saturation and the growth of ATS has stopped.

Yet on the other hand Springer is frantically reassuring people they will never sell out or change their ATS format.

(In between the two viewpoints poor Simon's posts reflect his growing incomprehension at just what is happening and lapse into irrelevency)

Both paths are incompatable with each other.

Therefore it is obvious that while Skepticoveralls is outling the future of the board, Springer is exercising a form of damage control and disinformation.

Basically the changes will sneek up on the members, as the board is reorientated to reflect popular and mainstream attitudes and interests.

The initial changes will be the addition of new forums refelecting the interests of the new potential posters. There will be topic areas on "health and wellness" with an emphasis on the health benefits of coffee enemas.

Also see BTS gaining promenance as the traditional ATS topic areas, are relegated to more marginal viewing.

Slowly the traditional areas will lose promenance and activity and Springers favorite subject "Hair and Body care" forum will gain in popularity.
By netchicken: posted on 18-11-2006

Just released the unedited true meanings behind Admin posts.

The admin posts on ATS are usually, to the uninitiated, somewhat banal and boring. However to ATS insiders the messages the admin are posting make for very scary reading when analyzing for the true meanings.

Here is the deciphered and decoded abstracts from Skepticoveralls last post.

... Quote:
ATS Core: As we look at techniques to expand ATS, they will always involve our core concept. No one need fear that the integrity of our topical diversity will be diluted.

Your screwed, we can't go any further in this area we are looking to change totally, but not tell you.

... Quote:
Expert Contributors: ... paying thought leaders to write articles on ATS subjects.

We envisage getting Rove and Rummy in to teach us how to lead our members (posting units) thoughts in the most profitable direction we can design. The North Koreans are experts in thought leading and we want to model our site more on their processes.

... Quote:
AboveTopSecret.com As The Epicenter: The goal is to create content universe that is inspired by your posts, encourages collaborative discussion about the content, and then further inspires new efforts.

We aim to control all the information on the internet and silence all negative comments of the members (posting units) outside of the board.

... Quote:
Social Networking: We're working on additions to the core ATS code base that introduces advanced aspects of "Web 2.0" social networking into the fabric of our discussion boards

Our code is being rewritten to more closely monitor the members (posting units) by getting them to reveal more about themselves, their finances, and their weaknesses.

All the better to control and manipulate the little posting units and to foster dependency on ATS for their intellectual, personal, and emotional support.
By netchicken: posted on 18-11-2006

What a load of BUNK!
Which of these guys have ethics? Come one, Mark, please don't EVEN try and play that word while I am still breathing air!
You, Bill, either. Marketeers first, ethics and morality, dead freakin' last.

Trust? Integrity, altruism.....what a load of total hogwash.

Skeptic, your very first line in your BS post should have read as this: "Many of you people out there, both active members and "Slick-Willied" members as well as flat-out banned members who know the REAL truth about our lack of ethics, please do yourself a favor and read no further as the below-posted crap is going to make yor stomach sour!"

Let's not forget that all material posted at ATS is part theirs...read the fine print.
I wonder how it works, that copyright crap, in regard to stolen property or bogus hoax material?

*Sigh* Why the HELL am I engaging in ATS discussion again?
I really need to get a life that'll restrict my internet usage! :P
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 18-11-2006

The irony of this is the title of the thread and the ridiculous prelude to this announcement of changes to come.

Right off the bat, we get Altruism, Trust and Sincerity followed by a warning against detractors. These two themes seem in direct conflict with each other, and I notice that no one is saying anything in that thread unless it is support and rah rah's.

Then we get (from the amigo's) info about new and exciting steps forward, coupled with information about former and current disgruntled members, that I find out of place in the discussion. In fact I think the whole thread just reeks of something out of place. These two themes intermingled are just totally unbalanced. I'm not getting it, or maybe I should say falling for it.

The parts about detractors in this thread fit in like a warning of some sort only, and totally contradictory. Especially to anyone who has been around "too long". Long enough to notice, some of the former prominent respected members are totally missing. Some of them like TC, being the ones who kept me hanging on in the past because my view of Altruism, Trust and Sincerity was only maintained by members like him (and there are others, but sorry to single you out TC, you are just such a glaring example of this), who are now no longer part of the picture.

It's the little things that make me not swallow this declaration of what they are. Like some people in places of power who are allowed to well overstep the bounds of decency (not to mention T&C), being pissy with their members any time they feel like having a little tantrum, then turning around and trying to force feed their own self illusion (delusion?) of these qualities.

I could care less who makes money off their endeavors, but the lack of what they are trying to say is behind (the backbone even) of all their endeavors over time is just a final slap in the face. I've seen them treat too many members like garbage whenever the mood strikes. The cyclical PMSing becomes obvious over time if you hang around long enough, and this from a bunch of guys?????

Oh, and one more thing, unless I missed it trying to get through that thread, is the term "community building" conspicuously absent? :sp
By MELtdown: posted on 18-11-2006

Well, like TC, I lament having even to talk about ATS, and am still a current member. I may not be after this post though.

But there are things that need to be said.

Seeing someone like TC, who was a former administrator of ATS, come in here and make posts like that above is extremely disheartening to me. TC has clearly gotten to see things that even super moderators could not see. And if anyone has gotten to know TC through his posts at ats after all those years, it just is not likely he would be saying anything like that without merit, or cause.

When I first started lurking on ats back in early 2003, everything looked on the surface to be pretty peachy. And at least there seemed to be a good degree of quality control. And this is where I need to be specifically clear in relation to my previous post in the other thread that ATS has "sold out."

Because I have seen the transition with my own two eyes. And imo, the transition has stemmed initially from the argument about credible sources. And more specifically, the administration's lack of resolve, it appears, to put their current foot down and draw a line with respect to the trash they are willing to tolerate. And worse, the trash they are willing to put on the front page. There used to be a line that was drawn requiring a certain degree of quality that was acceptable to the membership as a whole, and in general, the quality of posts, and thread titles were maintained at a much higher degree than they are now.

Somewhere on the timeline, it appears that the admistration concluded that sources were just a matter of opinion to the point where stories and threads started drawing from more dubious sources. And it is from that point that I remember things started to go down hill. That transitioned into allowing posts that really started stretching the truth. And then thread titles that not only stretched the truth, but started being intentionally misleading, with little or no correction from the moderator staff.

But hey! TRAFFIC was up! The more stories the better, the more controversial the topic, and misleading the thread title, the more people viewed em. And the more people viewed, whether they responded or not, the more ATS could claim income from this traffic. <-- ok, now THIS, to me, is where ATS has sold out. Rather than figure out a way to keep the quality of content very high, and still maintain income, the easy way is just to open the flood gates, and let everyone post whatever the hell they want to, without regard to spelling, grammar, or quality of content. So now every noob and their mama is posting pure crap up there, and guess what. Lose the educated. Oh, not enough mods to handle the job? Yeah right. Wrong. Not enough Altruism - Trust - Sincerity to tell the membership what the hell is REALLY going on. They just weren't making enough money.

To try and justify this by saying "Well, we don't want to put so much emphasis on this anymore," and let a putrid can of worms open, is where they are losing me. That's what my major beef is about. I have others, but those I can live with.

I dare you, ATS, instead of sugar coating your little post there SO, how about posting a link to this site and these threads where the discussions are taking place. Let the membership decide for themselves, once they have heard both sides. Huh? Springer? Simon? Val?

You really want to show Altruism - Trust - Sincerity, then that's what you NEED to do. Because the TRUTH will always inevitably win. I dare you. Link them.
By TrueAmerican: posted on 19-11-2006

I promised myself that I would stay away from ALL ATS bashing threads but it looks like I just failed.

What we need to remember is that ATS and SUCU are just little insignificant discussion boards on some hard drive somewhere...no more than a bunch of digital zeros and ones. All this is being taken wayyy too seriously, it's not real life but I understand how real life emotions can become involved. All this negativity only serves to punish the person holding on to the negative thoughts and feelings. Just let it go and move on to better and more positive things. The only person that can stop the craziness is you.

I know that I have refrained from posting here because of all the bad mouthing and hate. I wanted to be a more productive "posting unit" (loL) on SUCU and chat with some old friends but am completely turned off by the negativity.

This is a great disappointment to me.....I don't have room in my life for this battle and neither should you.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
By kinglizard: posted on 19-11-2006

... Quote:
Originally posted by Gareas
So ATS is perfect, and none of this is their fault, that's what you're implying? :P

Not sure how you came to that conclusion as I didn't assign ANY blame in my post. I did said that moving on to more positive things was the responsibility of the individual.
By kinglizard: posted on 19-11-2006

Kinglizard, I want you and ATS to know something. I do this because I care. Because I love the site. And it is important to me. I have alot of time, sweat, and energy invested in that site. So do other members. I don't wanna see it go down. You understand?
By TrueAmerican: posted on 19-11-2006

... Quote:
Originally posted by Gareas
What if it's not all the individuals fault? ;)

OK, good enough, I see that the intent of my post has been completely lost to you as posturing and ego seems to be your only concern here.

At lease by your posting thus far it seems that "winning" some virtual dual of the tongue is what you are after. sorry I'm NOT interested....*wink back at you*

... Quote:
Originally posted by TrueAmerican
Kinglizard, I want you and ATS to know something. I do this because I care. Because I love the site. And it is important to me. I have a lot of time, sweat, and energy invested in that site. So do other members. I don't wanna see it go down. You understand?

Sure Bud, we all want to continue to have fun with friends on ATS....and personally I have no doubt that we will be able to continue that relationship. :up:

Peace, Bud....
By kinglizard: posted on 19-11-2006

KL, as usual, you have a way of putting things into perspective!

You are right, boards are just that, diversions from our busy lives, and they should be pleasant diversions. They have also been more than that to me, though; they have been a means of meeting marvelous people like you and for that I am eternally grateful!

You know, on second thought, boards can be more than mere diversions from our real lives, they can be places where real people meet, from all over the world, and discuss particular topics that are important to the members of those boards. These topics can be very real issues and internet message boards give us a chance to come together, look at the topics and determine the merits and demerits of the issues. They are means by which people who normally would never have met in reality to cyber-meet and pass on thoughts. This being the case, I would like to assert that boards can be more than merely "insignificant".

KL, negativity can come in many forms, and in my opinion, embracing ignorance in order to maintain a bright, cheery outlook on life and keep an emotional positive position is negative. ATS had a real catchy little motto, one that was nothing more than a spiffy little saying that translated into nothing as far as the ownership was concerned, but do you remember it? Deny Ignorance? This thread is nothing more than an attempt to do just that, and it is in regard to a conspiracy theory conspiracy that some of us were a part of and saw happening before our eyes even if we didn't realize what was happening at the time. That's usually how it happens, though; people in the middle of something don't realize what is going on unless they are the puppet masters.

Is ATS insignificant? I dunno about that; we didn't see it as such when it was pretty focused on conspiratorial issues way back in the day. We saw those topics very relevant and serious and well worth looking at and attempting to understand. Through the years it has gone from a place where serious-minded conspiracy theorists met to look at theories, discuss their merits and bring forth evidence as it was found. It is no longer that, KL. It is a place with twinkling lights, balloons and party favors, a place where the ownership manipulate for the sake of their board success and the reason for the board has been all but forgotten.

ATS is no longer the board it started out to be. Its "soul" was sold for a few dollars and after it absorbed other conspiracy sites, some sites even significant ones, it became a watered-down place where reasoned and intelligent discussion of most anything has been replaced by senseless babbling and mundane discussions that amount to squat. That's fine, whatever; if it were that important to many of us we could start another board about conspiracy topics and discuss them until the cows come home.

What gets me is the talk of high-minded morals and principles by people who I know are lacking in those concepts. One even used the word ETHICS! Get real! I know much better and I really have a problem with that, and I have earned that right to have a problem with it. I find it extremely humorous how that particular thread started out, a disclaimer to all those who know the truth - don't read this PR BS as it'll turn your stomach!

You know what, KL, I wish them fortune. Fortune is what is important to them, so I hope they get it. Personal gain was not why I was there. Many months ago Mark said that there was going to be some sort of profit-sharing for us old timers, but I suggested that he put mine into servers and that sort of thing. I wasn't there for profit, I have a job. Mark is there for profit, Bill is allegedly there to practice and learn from the experience, and building a huge board and making money from it is what is important to them so I wish them success.

You know what the difference between this baord and ATS is, KL? This is a light-hearted little board operated by a computer science professor, a place where a few friends and his students can come and goof off. The web site has really neat little things people can use as well as tidbits of news as well as diversions from the realities of life AS WELL AS this board. It is a place of fun and some discussion. Oh, and another purpose it served, along with subversiveelements.com, it was a palce of gathering during all the times ATS would go down because of lack of attention by the original owner, who really had little interest in it. You might not realize it, KL, but were it not for this board and WOS's board back in the early days of ATS, we would have had no place to hang out while waiting for the ATS board to come back up. Back in the days of Altruism, Trust and Sincerity.

May our Lord bless you and keep you safe.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 19-11-2006

Hey TC...my brother in Christ...I hope all is well.

I didn't want to come off as "preachy" but I just wanted to give everyone some food for thought. Hopefully people will see that gossip and all the rest is not good for the soul.

Anyway I hope things change around here and if they do I will see you in the forums.

Have a wonderful weekend and get those Christmas decorations up....I did a week ago. lol I figured if I was going to go through all the effort I may as well enjoy it for a good couple months. lol

Peace brother....
By kinglizard: posted on 19-11-2006

I hear ya, KL.

I'll not see you at ATS, though, as it won't change forthe better as we all know.

If you want to post around here, feel free, but this place is not plikely to be an ATS cheering place. You might also want to take into consideration that this round's BS was started over there, not over here, and also that this place has people who was around at ATS before those who made a watered-down commercialized place of ATS where ethics and morals are simply words used when "they" (and you know who they are) want to puff up their chests and find out how many of the units will admire them.

You are welcomed here, you know that. I am not welcomed there, and it isn't because I have ethics issues, my friend. You want to hang out here when you have the time, feel free, but if one or two threads about ATS blows your happy-happy feelings, keep your eyes and nostrils closed over at ATS, if you ever see what I finally saw, you'll spend hours in the shower trying to get the filth off of you.

Whether I see you in the forums here is your choice, my friend, you are always, always welcome here. The only way you could get bounced is by doing things that your beliefs wouldn't allow you to do, anyway, so there will always be a place for you here. And, you won't have to choose between boards. The other one is insignificant, regardless of the numbers, but this one is not, because of the people.

By the way, KL, gossip is not good for the soul, you are correct. But, while there is a pulpit to be used, go ahead and toss in a word or two about some other things that are as cancerous for the soul, too. There might just be a reason for the thoughts and opinions reflected here, ya think? Am I to believe that SUCU is worthy of a sermon but ATS is wiothout guilt? My Brother in Christ, I know better. Believe me, I really know better.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 19-11-2006

So whats the consensus on the reinvention of ATS?

The new color scheme, of black on black is reminiscent of the spaceship stolen in the Hitchikers Guide to the galaxy, which was black, with black controls and black labels, with black text on it.

I have to give SO credit for a massive undertaking, but suspect the howls of pain will result in forms of grey replacing the blacks.

Just how does black tie in with conspiracies? It resembles Dark Vault the late and not lamented competition that died ignomiously. But the color scheme will appeal to teenage goths. Where is the influence of web2? Isn't this a reversion to the 1990's with catchy graphics?

Who is the audience for this reinvention? Where are the pastel colors necessary to attract more mainstream viewers? Or is the new audience going to be headbangers?

As i can't find a clip on the famous HGTHG spaceship here is another ... a whale inventing itself whilst in free fall, what coincidental imagery...

By netchicken: posted on 7-12-2006

AboveTopSecret's new color scheme clearly shows which side SkepticOverlord has chosen. Like netchicken says it will attract the dark side of humanity, those who don't want the truth. The young and ignorant will flood the site and those who are knowledgable in many topics will make their exit. The young will be easily controlled by the dark forces of the 3 amigo's. That's what they want, a flood of people, less fighting between members and of course plenty more ads for you to click. ATS has stopped their search for truth and is becoming another worthless BlackVault.
By YCON: posted on 7-12-2006

what coincidental imagery...

you crack me up....video was perfect;)
By Venus: posted on 8-12-2006

After browsing the site, I must admit, I like the new look. What else would you expect from the emissary of evil herself?

Yeah the new look is cool. Too bad the content is still as shallow, boring, uninspired, and non-thought provoking as is the current standard.

But hey, that wont matter to the kiddies joining up. They wont get that far, cuz they will simply think it all looks good. Isn't that the holy grail of marketing? To take an absolute piece of shit, and with proper packaging and advertising, convince people they are buying a piece of heaven?
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 11-12-2006

... Quote:
Originally posted by netchicken
So whats the consensus on the reinvention of ATS?

The Emperor has no clothes.
Maybe Grey Simon and co fell for their own "we're number 1, super advanced...going to the next level" hype.
Never found anything on that site that I hadn't already seen hundreds of times already elsewheres.
Don't see how they could be so conpuzzled from flagging interest, when they seemed to dream up new rules and regulations and reasons to ban, every other day.
Got really sick of ATS when GOD, Jesus and religion become the answer to all of lifes mysteries. Gave that site the flick...hope it dies a slow painful death.
By bigSISta: posted on 11-12-2006

um...I have a question.

Just because the color scheme is black based, how does that make ats evil?

Maybe I misread a few posts, but thats what im getting from the posts in this thread.

By theshadowknows: posted on 11-12-2006

It's not the "Dark Matter" that makes abovetopsecret evil, it's that it will attrack a more negative audience or membership. You will see once the ads flood the net and real world, that they will be targeted at the young and at those into the occults. When this crowd floods ATS the content will change. Those who search for truth will become frustrated, reading through post after post of garbage. The ATS motto " Deny Ignorance" will become "The Ignorant".
By YCON: posted on 11-12-2006

Besides, we don't need a fake superhero.

"SkepticOverlord. Powers so far seem to be limited to interchanging red or purple tights, posturing, pulling funny faces, and hiding when the going gets tough. "
By YCON: posted on 12-12-2006

By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 15-3-2007


Hi there guys, i have just registered, although i have known the forum a while and used to com and read the threads.
I did use ATS for a while, but i think i have upset the moderation team, as well as the sheep, arse kissing, no brain, ignorant yes kids they like to surround themselves with..
Didnt take me long to suss that site out for what it is.
They know that i know that they dont like what i know..
ATS will fall.
By Walker: posted on 27-4-2007

Hi walker welcome to the board :)

ATS is really only academic interest to us now, you will be amazed how much better off you are being out of it :)
By netchicken: posted on 27-4-2007

I finally found something I don't give a crap about. :j
By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 7-5-2007

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