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Why NZ police are mostly unarmed

Just who would be in the most danger if they were armed?

An Auckland policeman attending a domestic dispute in Auckland accidentally blasted himself and a teenager with a Taser, before pepper-spraying an innocent woman. He totally missed the male offender.

The constable was attending the incident at a central Auckland home when he shocked himself, the 16-year-old son, and then later pepper-sprayed the 21-year-old woman, The New Zealand Herald reported today

The constable was reloading his weapon when he accidentally blasted himself with the Taser's 50,000 volts while trying to stun a man at the centre of the domestic incident on October 1.

One shot accidentally struck the man's teenage son.

After five attempts to hit the man, the officer eventually used pepper spray but hit the man's 21-year-old daughter – an unintended target.

The man eventually gave himself up. The constable, who had had Taser training, was not injured.

The taser is being tested by frontline policemen in Auckland and Wellington.


An official police update of the Taser trial, published on October 17, made no mention of the constable firing five times, or missing his target, zapping himself or hitting the boy, the newspaper reported.
By netchicken: posted on 19-11-2006

Damn. LMAO. That had to be the funniest shit Ive read in a long time.

Youre right. Sometimes, an unarmed society is for the best. In the case of New Zealand, essential.

By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 20-11-2006

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