Lebanese Christian leader gunned down

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Lebanese Christian leader gunned down

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BEIRUT, Lebanon — Prominent anti-Syrian Christian politician Pierre Gemayel was assassinated in a suburb of Beirut on Tuesday, his party's radio station and Lebanon's official news agency reported.


His fatal shooting will certainly heighten the political tension in Lebanon, where the leading Muslim Shiite party Hezbollah has threatened to topple the government if it does not get a bigger say in Cabinet decision making.

Witnesses said Gemayel was shot in his car in Jdeideh, a Christian neighborhood, his constituency on the northern edge of Beirut. The witnesses said a car rammed his car from behind and then an assassin stepped out and shot him at point blank range.


Oh, for those who are a bit rusty on their history; Lebanon was carved out to be a Christian enclave in that region, just was tiny Israel was a Jewish refuge while the rest of the region was handed over to the Arabs.
Rather than leaning on Israel to stop the war, we should have helped Israel fight the terrorists. No, instead, our politicians sold their souls (as if they have any) to OPEC.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 22-11-2006

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