German police battle giant parrot

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German police battle giant parrot

Its a hard job being a German policeman, especially when they try to interrogate giant wild parrots.

A giant escaped parrot has been caught by police after a violent struggle in which it tore up the uniform of one of the arresting officers, police said.

Walkers in a forest near the town of Walldürn in southwestern Germany had alerted police that a huge bird with a colorful plumage was sitting in a tree.

Two policemen dispatched to the scene caught sight of the parrot, which was about 90 centimeters (about three feet) long.
... Quote:
He didn't say anything, and definitely didn't provide his name and address. He just screeched deafeningly.

It was a big beast. When one of the officers managed to grab him he wrecked his leather jacket.

The bird finally calmed down enough for the officers to put him in their squad car.

"But if the officers thought their troubles were over they were mistaken. The harmless attempt to report their successful mission to headquarters triggered an almost uncontrollable outburst of aggression by their involuntary feathered guest," police said in a statement.

From Der Spiegel
By netchicken: posted on 1-12-2006

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