Real or Hoax? A flashlight that starts fires

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Real or Hoax? A flashlight that starts fires

Extreme geek say they have a flashlight powerful enough to start a fire. But the output from the lens would have to be tremendous. See the video.

By netchicken: posted on 1-12-2006

I have a 2 million candlepower spotlight, if I have dry newspaper, I can do it any day... Just lay the light down, put the newspaper about 2 inches in front of the bezel and wait for it to light up. Takes usually three-five minute, but if the light moves, it will take longer.
By Terry: posted on 1-12-2006

Well I think it's possible. If there is no lens in front of the bulb and the bulb is hot enough, the paper could catch on fire. As quick as that paper caught fire, I feel that it had something on it, like lighter fluid. Something is not quite right.
By YCON: posted on 1-12-2006

I've seen this over and over. The torch seems to be made out of metal itself. If it were to get so hot as to start a fire then surely the torch couldnt be handled after 5 mins on run time. If it were made of plastic it would surely melt in 5 mins. Although it is heat that is required to start ignition, the paper burns too quickly and too uniformly for it to be due to the heat from the torch alone. As Ycon says "something is not quite right" .

I think this is a trick. In the trick I think is he uses the bright light as a cover to light the paper in some other way. The bright light makes it difficult to see exactly how the flame starts.
By IAF: posted on 1-12-2006

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