Fake antispyware site gets busted

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Fake antispyware site gets busted

A company that promised to clean your computer of spyware but didn't got fined $1m dollars. I always wondered if these types of sites are legit, now we know some arn't.

A company accused of selling phony antispyware tools has settled a lawsuit filed by Washington state's attorney general.

Secure Computer has agreed to pay $1m (£506,141) to settle charges that it violated Washington's computer spyware law, the attorney general's office said in a statement Monday. The case was the first lawsuit under the law.

Filed in January, the suit accused Secure Computer of marketing software that falsely claimed PCs were infected with spyware, then enticing consumers to pay $49.95 for a program called Spyware Cleaner that claimed to remove it. The suit alleged violations under Washington’s 2005 Computer Spyware Act, federal and state spam laws, and the state Consumer Protection Act.

By netchicken: posted on 6-12-2006

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