U.N. \"rights\" council shows typical bias

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U.N. "rights" council shows typical bias

To show that the United Nations is now nothing more than a tool for the tyrants, dictators and despots, the United Nations' "Human Rigths Council" has issued yet another condemnation of Israel because of the Palestinian situatiion because it fails to end military ops in the Palestionian areas. With grand disregard to the reasons WHY the IDF is in Palestinian areas, the council also condemns Israel for not allowing "fact finding" missions into the area.

... Quote:
The rights body, which has only condemned the Israeli government in its seven-month existence, noted with regret its July resolution urging the release of all arrested Palestinian ministers has yet to be carried out.

"Violations of the fundamental rights of the Palestinians continue unabated," said Pakistani diplomat Tehmina Janjua on behalf of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, which proposed the resolution. "The Palestinian ministers, officials and civilians have not been set free."

I haven't noticed the freeing of the soldiers whose kidnapping spurred the recent military operations in both Lebanon and Gaza; have you? Even after a cease-fire agreement, the Qassams continued to fall on Sderot, where is the alleged "Human Rights" council on that, huh?
Even Kofi Annan, an ardent fan of all against Israel, noted that the council should direct its attention to more pressing matters such as Darfur.

as if anything coming from the United Numbnuts means a thing.

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 9-12-2006

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