Palestinians sliding into civil war

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Palestinians sliding into civil war

The killing of 3 boys on their way to school has unleashed an avalanche of protests and violence in the palestinian territories. Is this the begining of the breakdown of this society as well, at the same time as Lebenon and Iraq collapse internally.

... Quote:
This is something we have never experienced here. We are asking ourselves: Are we close to civil war?
said Mayson Muzien, 27, at a protest in Gaza City.

Hamas gunmen fired on Fatah demonstrators in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, wounding four people. Witnesses said children at the protest threw rocks at the gunmen, who fired back.

At another protest in northern Gaza, Hamas gunmen fired in the air above hundreds of demonstrators, including children, at a Fatah rally. No one was hurt.

On Tuesday evening, hundreds of Fatah supporters fired in the air and marched through Gaza's main street, calling out the names of Fatah members who died in factional fighting. Then they closed off the street with burning tires.

About a dozen Fatah gunmen surrounded the car of Hamas parliamentarian Mohammed Shihab, he said, banging on his vehicle with their guns, hands and shoes. Shihab escaped unharmed, but said he feared for his life.

There were also demonstrations in West Bank cities, including Hebron, where about 1,000 people marched through the city, with gunmen firing in the air. Participants called for the resignation of the Hamas-led government.

In a northern West Bank village, Hamas said gunmen shot and wounded a local Hamas official. Hamas said the shooting was part of the continuing unrest between the factions.

The dead boys' father, Baha Balousheh, an intelligence officer and Fatah loyalist, helped lead a crackdown on Hamas a decade ago. Balousheh, who was not in the car, escaped two previous Hamas assassination attempts.

Hamas denied involvement in the boys' deaths and denounced the killings. About 200 women loyal to Hamas, many with their faces covered, marched through Gaza's main street to condemn the killings, waving green flags of the Islamic movement.

Just hours earlier, about 1,000 Fatah-affiliated university students marched down the same road, waving bright yellow Fatah flags and calling on the government to resign.

Walaa Zaitar, a 21-year-old university student, held up a banner charging that the president, also known as Abu Mazen, was indirectly responsible.

"Where is the promise of safety by Abu Mazen and by the government?" she asked. "Anything but children ... this has gone too far."

Grieving women called local radio stations, and newspaper editorials criticized Palestinian leaders for allowing security to deteriorate.

"Are we the brave heroes or are we the terrorists the media speaks of?" sobbed one woman who called a Gaza radio station.

"The spilled blood of innocent children is a crime of all the factions," columnist Nasser al-Lahham wrote on the news Web site Maan. "This is criminal, not chaos."
By netchicken: posted on 13-12-2006

But to kill innocent Israelis is not terrorism.

Yes, they are terrorists.

They would murder the best human being I know in her sleep and then yell "Allah Akbar!" yet question whether they are terrorists?

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 13-12-2006

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