Ahmadinejad\'s anti-holocaust conference

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Ahmadinejad's anti-holocaust conference

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The Tehran Holocaust denial conference entered its second day Tuesday, hosting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man who inspired the conference with his remarks.

"Israel is about to crash," the Iranian president promised the attendees, "scientists" from across the world working to deny the Holocaust.

"This is God's promise and the wish of all the world's nations," he added.


I'm not even going to discuss this idiot's assertion that Israel has no right to exist, considering that he, not Israel, has done more to further human death and suffering in the Middle East (Israel has done nothing of such a thing, only doing what it has to do to survive), but what I can, what I will comment on is his assertion that there were no such things as gas chambers at the Nazi concentration camps.

Back when I was a young pup in the army I was lean, mean, hard-core and hard-hearted. Heck, I could watch the movie "Ol' Yeller" and almost not get misty-eyed (You can't ask for more machoism than that from an American male), but when I took a walk through Dachua, a concentration camp in Munich, Germany, it took all I could do not to sit down and cry. YES, there were gas chambers there, and yes, there were FREAKIN' OVENS there, and, yes, I saw the bullet holes in the concrete ditches that were right before the fences; bullet marks where the guards shot dead human skeletons who, out of desparation, tried to climb the fence to freedom.

I saw the "bunk houses" where human beings were housed in a manner that is worse than inhuman; the wooden bunks which had no padding were about four feet in length. I stand six feet tall. Think about it. Nothing but wood. No insulation for the winter cold of Germany. Imagine dealing with that for a moment.

I saw where the vile monsters used the prisoners - men, women and children- for grotesque experiments, subjecting the helpless people to extremes in cold, heat, and barometric pressure. My strong and hard legs came close to buckling just thinking about the misery fellow humans endured unto death. For sick sadistic fun, pregnant Jewish women's legs were BOUND TOGETHER so that they labored to DEATH!

Yes, the gas chambers existed, they were there, and the Germans who ran the Dachau prison memorial did not even deny that; the gas chambers are clearly marked asa being what they are.

Some might say that those poor souls who were sent to the "showers" were the lucky ones.

I've forgotten a lot about my few years in Germany, but that one day I spent touring a camp of Hell is a day I will not forget. Anybody who might believe what I say is not so needs to take a trip and see it. I dare you.


"Arbeit macht frie"
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 13-12-2006

You only need to show the photo's and talk to the survivors. The facts alone speak the truth.

I worked with a man who had his number tattooed on his forearm in Auschwitz, and who's wife came from another death camp starting with B. Both were beautiful people, unlike the sickos in Iran at present.

The truth is still there, the people are still alive, one has to be mentally blinkered not to see the reality.
By netchicken: posted on 13-12-2006

This isnt about what the truth is, this is about vendetta. They want to hold a charade, that both they and everybody else knows is a charade so that they can somehow "get" the Jews in Israel. I saw a CBS interview with the Iranians president and he kept repeating "If the Jews have suffered genocide in Germany, what do the Palestinaians have to do with it!" . He is incapable of seeing the two events. He believes that the West supports Israel mearly because they have been persecuted in Europe under the Nazi's and by questioning that claim he can somehow dissuade the West from Israel and then the Arabs can regain control over Israel.

It is all about vendetta and revenge with him, nothing more. The appropriate response would be to ignore this as if it didnt happen and isolate their madness even more. Its not like the Jews in Israel couldnt hold a similar conferencce as there are hundreds of things that are taboo for discussion within the Arab world but that would just be stooping to their level.
By IAF: posted on 13-12-2006

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