A plea to the progamming gods of Stargate

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A plea to the progamming gods of Stargate

A third television series in the hit Stargate franchise is now in development. The new series is in the concept phase, and is being actively worked on by the Vancouver creatives behind Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
No concept for the show has yet been revealed.

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Dear programming gods, hear my plea.

I loved stargate in the beginning it was original, funny, creative and unusual.

Now it, and all its derivatives, are bland boring, formulaic and hackneyed.

Before making a new template for the same old shit can you actually put some creativity into it ..... please?

How about sets that are not just back blocks of some studio. I get sick of trying to suspend belief that every single world looks exactly the same. My god even the trees are exactly the same. The original Star Trek had better sets, and they were made nearly 50 years ago!

How about other humans that actually speak another language other than that of American English? Even another accented English would be a start, a small but pathetic start, to give the belief that humans from other planets actually have their own languages.

Look at Lost, they actually had people speaking Korean, really! on telly! and they gave subtitles, yeah those words that people had to read at the bottom of the screen. I know your audience has trouble with the written word but think of the incentive to go back to school if they had to read what one person says to another.

Now here is a big plea, what about a plot? I really think it would be a good idea to make a series where development occurs. That's right, not just drag out the same stick figures of characters and pose them for every episode, but make them into real humans, and make their worlds actually change. I know change scares people, especially the mindless type to which this series is pitched, but they will get used to it. They did on Lost.

I really think you need to write a plot BEFORE each episode is filmed. Try it.

Back to plastic sets again. Its really hard to get involved in a story when every single episode looks the same with the same plastic (or polystyrene) sets and props. Last week I saw a captured alien fighter thingiee, it looked really cool! But it was immediately obvious when the actors climbed into it that it was made of polystyrene, and painted. Yeah, I thought it was crap and cheap as well. Can we please have episodes that have a bigger budget than $100 each?

That about covers, it, I think, no wait, lets try and make the next series, one where the small puny humans are not always being chased around the set by the big nasty aliens in their $2.50 face paint and bad teeth. I think this goes back to plot again.

Can we vary it a little... please ... i beg you give me some reason to turn the TV on to watch it.

How about episodes that don't use stereotypical baddies? You know, Military baddies that look like Nazis, agrarian baddies look like Chinese laborers, lets try and make something ORIGINAL. I think the word original was dropped from the vocabulary of the producers after series 1 of stargate.

Thank you for hearing, or not, my pleas...


A rapidly diminishing audience
By netchicken: posted on 16-12-2006

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