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Amazing animation of the US and coalition casualties

Shown day by day the casualties are displayed as a white dot turning to red and fading to grey.

Worth seeing, its an amazing bit of work.
By netchicken: posted on 21-12-2006

Amazing in that their is technology that allows us to see such an animation, or what?
What does it suppose to tell me, or you?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-12-2006

Amazing the work that went into creating such a document.
I wasn't pulling any political cords about it :)
By netchicken: posted on 21-12-2006

Interesting animation.
It shows quite clearly that the region in and around Bagdad have proven to be most costly for the US. Despite the hooha about Anbar, Bagdad seems to be "Ground Zero". All the forces deployed are along the two rivers. I wonder if the Iraqis would be able to farm if they could damn up those rivers !!

Speaking of animation saw this great series called "Black Lagoon" recently, damn it was addictive!
By IAF: posted on 22-12-2006

Well, Netty, you are NO fun! :P
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 22-12-2006

... Quote:
Originally posted by Thomas_Crowne
Amazing in that their is technology that allows us to see such an animation, or what?
What does it suppose to tell me, or you?

Ill bite your bait :P

What is amazing is that i am seeing all these red and black dots multiplying like flies, 90% of them representing American soldioers who are being killed almost daily with abandon by the people they are supposedly trying to either liberate or teach a better way. Basically, lookin more and more like Vietnam.

And we all see what good Vietnam did any of us.

What I am seeing on that animation is thousands of perfectly good young peoples lives being thrown away for a region and people who value nothing but a death reality.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 4-1-2007


Get real; how many thousands of lives would have been lost by now were this a Vietnam? As a matter of fact, three thousand lives (the water mark reached at the time of this posting) looked at in the context of every war or conflict is nothing, especially when viewed in light of the number of years we have been there.

You know what, we have a very bad problem of reading history and thinking our victories came easily and with certain. They did not. There have also been people here through every war or conflict that said there was no chance of our success and we might as well give up, or worse, not even stand up and face evil like real men. Even the war that gave birth to the united states of America saw these same people.

How many people have been saying for years that Saddam's regime had to go, that he was pursuing special weapons (and he was, we know that, it's just that his people were afraid to tell him they weren't getting far with super weapons because they didn't want to be fed into a a plastic shredder) and because he refused proper inspections, and because he was on the "Kill Israel" bandwagon and a host of other reasons? How many people who thought this would be a technological breeze and the liberated Muslims would drop their knees in adoration of us are now squirming in their seats because they haven't the backbone to see it though?

This is NOT just about Iraq and the consequences of a pre-victory departure would be catastrophic to a lot of people and would only feed courage and motivation to those who are conducting the global jihad; not just those who carry the rifles and RPG's and strap bomb belts to their children but also to those Jihadists who are doing their part in winning this final global jihad by outbreeding the infidels in their own country. Mohammed is now a more popular name than John in Great Britain and Mishigan has such a large Muslim population that the first Muslim congressman in American history will be sworn in with his hand on the Koran, in this, a once Christian nation.

You want a little dot-dance of statistics? I'd like to see one showing all of the Islamic violence, by both organized terrorist organizations as well as violence against non-Muslims sanctioned by nations (Such as our "ally" Saudi Arabia) and including individuals such as the article I read about a group of Packistani Muslims almost killing a Packistani Christian for defiling a public water fountain by drinking from it. I'd like that coupled with a dot dance of the spread of Islam by population growth.

Stop worrying about the soldiers who have fallen since the first one fell; they are inconsequential; what we need to do is think about the very first soldier who died in action and decide if his death was all in vain. I don't care if we have to go nuclear, I am not willing to give in and leave before total victory. I mean that from the bottom of my heart because I firmly believe we are not just fighting for some stupid backwards sandfleas who want to molest little boys and barnyard animals while filleting a random infidel from time to time, I firmly believe we are fighting for our way of life. Why? Because their belief demands it.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 4-1-2007

I see TC still holds the delusion that we can win. TC, my dear, when are you going to learn you cannot smash flies with a sledge hammer? That a big sloppy ill used army is not going to successfully crush a seemingly endless supply of guerillas?

Vietnam is a valid comparison. Think proportionately. Vietname lasted about 10 years. Were only coming up on four, and the resident idiots are only gonna get worse.

Im well aware of what the turds in Pakistan and other countries do to nonmuslims, or, in the case of Saudi Arabia, do to non-Arabs as well. So? They been doing it for the past 1500 years. Thats nothing new.

The Muslims outbreeding us at home is not a problem thats gonna be solved by blowing the shit out of em in far away lands. Its a problem that must be dealt with at home fixing are messed up system.

... Quote:
Stop worrying about the soldiers who have fallen since the first one fell; they are inconsequential;

Tsk Tsk. Shame shame shame on you. You are gonna get a spanking for that comment.

Every soldier we lose in this pointless conflict and the equipment and money we lose in this conflict is that much less that we will have to fight real threats to our very existance. We are already stretched to thin with growing physical menaces from Asia, as well as Latin America embracing communism as a rather disturbing pace.

If we wanted to end the Muslim menace, were doing a bad job. These people will never stop. We could stay there 100 years and the threat will grow.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 4-1-2007

By 1968 the U.S. dead in Vietnam was already 30,000; numerically speaking there is quite a bit of difference.
Also, the missions of Vietnam and this, the War Against "Terror" (it should be War Against the Great Jihad) are different. I could go in greater detail to explain the differences but I don't think it is necessary right now.

I do not accept your fly/hammer analogy at all, nor do I accept your assertion that our military is "sloppy", nor do I accept the media's testament that we are losing this war as I know plenty of people who have been there and are going back who are fully behind the mission.
Sure, things can be done differently here and there as far as the Iraq front is concerned but the fact of the matter is that we have to win that particular part of the War Against The Great Jihad. As I said, if we do not win it, it'll only bolster the resolve of the Jihadists, create another Sharia stronghold where religious and paramilitary training will create more combatants and cause a regional imbalance that will place us in even graver danger and place our only regional ally, Israel, in mortal danger.
I agree that we, as well as Europe, need to look at how we are inviting the enemy of the West to create a fifth column that will bring us down faster than a bullet, but this is a separate issue and not the same issue as the military side of the war. It is part of the war, a part that the Great Jihadists are winning, but allowing the Jihadists victory in Iraq or any other place will not stop the fifth column from occuring. We must take that problem on, head on, as well.

Roguem, the "conflict' is not pointless, it is THE point. Victory is vital; it is the only way we will have a chance of winning the rest of the war of survival. Whether or not you or I agree on the reasons we went to Iraq, regardless if we would have picked another country for the place of the first major confrontation, it is as it is. We must win, and if we do not, we make the lost life of the first dead soldier a waste of life. If that first soldier's life was wasted so was every other life lost since then. That is why I say not to worry about the subsequent lives lost, look at the first and make damned sure it was not in vain.

As a last thought, let me remind you that this is not the first time that we have been faced with a Great Jihad. It was the Great Jihads that caused the Crusades, remember? If we are to survive as we have done in the past it will be because we were willing to do what was necessary to fight off the aggressor. Yes, the times and the technology has changed, but the end goal has not. the resolve to fight and win is what will see us through this, not the notion of walking away and giving them more ground and more will. As far as the "endless supply of guerrillas" are concerned, there is no such thing as an endless supply if the source of supply is destroyed. Where is the supply? From what place is both the organization and financing found? Strike there, and strike there soon. At the same time, work the diplomatic scene in order to give other regimes the motivation to survive. We are awesome militarily as well as technologically, and we'd better get great spiritually or we will dies physically along with our will.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 4-1-2007

On each scale, TC, both wars are comparable. The carnage will only grow worse. While we continue to waste away in Iraq, our resources thinned out, Afghanistan, our original objective, is getting out of control. And Pakistan, a nuclear armed Islamic threat, still stabs us in the back.

Staying or leaving Iraq will NOT affect the greater picture. The Islamic menace is increasing and popping up everywhere. You seem to forget about places like south east asia. The Jihadists will not stop, no matter how much we throw at them, they breed quicker and are willing to blow their kids up. Are we willing to strap bombs on the backs of pregnant women and 5 year old kids to win? For every small gaggle of Jihadists we slay, a thousand more are recruited and more than happy to fight. The only realistic way we will ever end this menace is killing every last Muslim on the planet. Are we willing to stoop to Genocide?

The Crusades were a failure, and did not stop the Muslim hordes from further pushing into Europe and taking the Balkan Penninsula and Constantinople. This current war is a failure. It will not break the resolve of these maniacs. Thats what you are not understanding. Its not about the body count. Its about the body count getting us nowhere.

Remember what happened with Vietnam? A wave of refugees flooded the US from Vietnam. Thankfully, the Vietnamese were coming because they were escaping horror back home.

Iraqis are leaving Iraq in large numbers now. Guess where alot of em will be heading? And you are worried about the 5th column? Theres your fifth column increasing! Swarms of angry, anti-American Islamists coming to our shores, wanting revenge. Swarms that would have stayed out had we not invaded their shithole country.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 5-1-2007

It is merely your conjecture that the "carnage" will only get worse as I am assuming you are using a crystal ball to make the assertion that our fatality count will take such an upswing as to catch up with the numbers we saw in Vietnam.
As far as genocide, allow me to point out that genocide is the wiping out of a race, not a religion, and allow me to point out toyou that it is not us who are pushing the agenda of your genocide but the Muslims. It is not the Christian, Hindu, Budhist or Wiccan book beliefs that allow mthe non-believer the choices of either accepting the belief, taking the position of being barely above animal level and paying "Jisya" for the privilege of remaining alive or fight to the death. What must we do? WE must fight, both militarily where they force us to fight, both within our own borders by dropping the notion that this is a "War on Terror" and making sure that our populations understand that this is the War Against the Latest Great Jihad", and on the diplomatic front with the secular governments of Muslim nations. Do we strap bombs on children? That is absurd; we didn't have to fire up the ovens and operate gas chambers to beat Hitler and we didn't have to employ kamikazi pilots to beat the Japanese and they were also bent on world domination. What we do have to recognize is that this war is no different, no less an all or nothing situation as WWII was.

Iraq is a place we have to fight; whether you want to believe it or not, if we lose there we only give them another Sharia country from which to train, arm and attack as well as give them the oil-financed resourced with which to finance our doom. We also give them more influence with which to destabilize secular governments in the region and another powerful place from which to attack our only regional ally - Israel.

By the way, if the Crusades, which were responses to Jihads, were failures, then there would be no reason for this new Great Jihad. Had they been failures Europe would have already been Islamicized back then and there would never have been an U.S of A. because there would never have been a "Christian" England from which to break away. Even the Islamic "thinkers" recognize this and even spelled out how to take Europe this time; not by the sword but by out-breeding the Europeans. Seems to be working pretty well by all accounts and the attitudes of the scared European nations.

I feel condescending in having to point this out, but it seems that the obvious is missed so I must point it out.
The Vietnam War was one of containment and was not even one the Powers were really trying to win. As a matter of fact it was a U.N. conflict, fought under U.N. regs and protocols which do not allow for a victor. We were only trying to bleed resources from the main communist backers. We were successful in this, and eventually, under the leadership of Reagan, drove the tactic home to victory. The Vietnamese people, being predominately Budhist, were no threat to the rest of the world as what we face now and there was little reason to stop them from coming here.
Today's threat is much different as is the people coming from not from particular countries but coming here with a particular belief. Our war in Iraq, or wherever the War Against the Great Jihad takes us is not causing the immigrants to enter our borders but it is our system, the beauracacy that is premiting them entry. Remember, nobody has a "right" to enter another country, they are allowed in, they are allowed various types of visas and they are granted citizenship at the wishes of the country's government. As I said before, we need to realize what our enemy is and realize what needs to be done to protect our country and defeat the enemy. This is separate and apart from the military confrontation with the enemy, who, by the way, brought the battle to us and not the other way around. These things being the case let's not try and mix apples with oranges.

Forget about the word "Iraq" and realize that the Arab-controlled Islamic Jihad will use anything as their cause de jour and target, whether it be the Triangle of Death, the Trade Centers (twice), a naval destroyer in Yemen, various embassies, Somalia, Israel or cartoonists. If it is not one place it will be another. We have to fight them eitehr here or there or somehwere else. We will have to fight them on every front and once again beat back another Great Jihad or we will see our ways of life end and then we will see the world go into a Dark Age like it has never seen before.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 5-1-2007

... Quote:
A U.S. diplomat said she hoped peacekeepers from the region could be in place by month's end in Somalia, where the Council of Islamic Courts militias were driven from the capital of Mogadishu and much of the south last week. But peacekeepers could face bloody reprisals from the militias, who want to rule by the Quran and have vowed to launch an Iraqi-style guerrilla war.

"The peacekeepers will be targets for terrorists," said Ali, 41. "They will have to face them."

"There are 3,500 Islamists hiding in Mogadishu and in the surrounding areas, and they are likely to destabilize the security of the city," Hussein Aideed said.

The good news:

... Quote:
Somali government troops backed by Ethiopian soldiers battled about 600 Islamic militiamen Thursday on the southern tip of this Horn of Africa nation, and U.S. Navy forces prevented the militants from fleeing by sea, authorities said.

Rather than running and hiding, consoling ourselves by saying that those ignorant people can never appreciate life, liberty and freedom, our navy insured the Jihadists did no escape by water.

Meanwhile, in this country the Jihadists are already tring to push Sharia law through taxi cabs! We have to fight and win on both fronts. A loss of either front will cause us to lose the whole thing.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 6-1-2007

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