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GodLikeProductions CIA Take Over and Offer to Purchase AboveTopSecret.com

A poster on ATS talks about his experience at GodLikeProductions.

... Quote:
Maybe about 6 or 8 months ago I stumbled across a site called Godlike productions.com. I found it to be quite a lively discussion forum but a bit "oddball"
Anyway, one day I noticed that whenever someone posted a link to certain media files and pictures over at imageshack.com I would get spyware on the computer. Damn I even found godlike productions was riddled with the stuff.
At that time I wrote a thread and it got deleted - I asked "wheres all the spyware coming from" I wrote another complaining about the deletion. That got deleted so I decided not to go back there.

AboveTopSecret Thread

He says GLP is owned by CIA and a British company that is closely related to CIA.

What got me is this, SkepticOverlord posted:

... Quote:

Just before GLP was purchased and retooled, the same group made more than one attempt to pay some serious money for ATS... and this makes the story increasingly curious.

I'm really surprised the 3 amigos didn't jump on the offer. It must not of been serious enough money for springer. They will sell out as soon as the offer is right. Maybe thats why they're pumping up the site, for bigger offers?
By YCON: posted on 25-12-2006


Here is another article from ATS on the topic from 2004


Here is the email Simon recieved

... Quote:
From: "Jason"
To: Simon.gray@abovetopsecret.com>
Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2004 1:06 AM
Subject: serious buyout offer


Would you be interested in selling out your network of sites related to abovetopsecret.com?

We could offer $1 per daily hit. So if your site receives an average of 50,000 unique hits a day we would offer you $50,000 for the rights to the site.

Let me know if you are interested.

Jason Lucas
Executive Director
C2 Media Ltd.
By netchicken: posted on 25-12-2006

More on the topic here (read the whole extract in the March 2004 post)


Why would an obscure web site like godlikeproductions become a target?

Initially just by ‘chance’. Then, because of two factors. The volume and increasing volume of visitors to the site, and, because of the willingness of some of its users to believe, and to spread the information even further. The fear of a ‘critical mass’ of dissemination. “Nip it in the bud”. See? Most of the adware/spyware companies like C2 Media Ltd. and Akamai are intelligence OPs. Yes they seek a profit, but they are also valuable as selective monitoring agents.

GeneSyS Project: Supervision of Distributed Systems

ABSTRACT: As complexity of distributed engineering, simulation, training and learning systems permanently grows, it is necessary to have a capability to effectively monitor and supervise remote components of such distributed systems.

For this purpose, solutions suggested in the Generic System Supervision (GeneSyS) project could provide a common set of supervising agents and middleware to interconnect them. GeneSyS is aimed at developing a new generic middleware for supervising distributed systems at different levels such as Application, Network, System. An architecture based on agents and cores was selected to provide this functionality.

GeneSyS version 1 includes the following physical components: – Core: a GeneSyS entity capable of storing information about other GeneSyS components and facilitating service discovery. – Monitoring agent: a GeneSyS entity capable of measuring and publishing monitoring messages. – Monitoring console: a GeneSyS entity capable of displaying monitoring messages in a human readable form. – Repository: a GeneSyS entity capable of consuming monitoring messages, logging them, retrieving and publishing the log messages
By netchicken: posted on 25-12-2006

Turns out Jason Lucas, who tried to buy abvoetopsecret.com is quite famous.


His company C2 Media has a write up at the lnk below. Turns out they are proficient at hijacking your browser and serving unwanted advertising.

C2 Media, located on London, England, likes to bill itself as a "legitimate advertising company". Anyone who has ever been infected with their advertising parasite, Lop, probably refers to them by other names.

They feel that it is well within their rights to offer advertising to the average net-user. By "offer", they mean altering your IE browser through browser hijacks, adding toolbars and buttons, adding files and .dll files on your system, adding registry keys, and making itself at home in the Application Data folder. They sneak themselves onto computer systems by being obscurly bundled into other programs. It is also difficult to remove, requiring the user to perform part of the removal in Safe Mode and also accessing the regedit, something a novice or new user isn't proficiant at.

By netchicken: posted on 9-1-2007

Sorry, but Godlike productions won't allow abovetopsecret.com's url to be shown on their site. Instead it gets changed to "Hairy ballz".

SkepticOverlord is miffed at the actions.

... Quote:
Originally posted by The Vagabond
I was banned within 30 minutes of my first post and my post was edited- AboveTopSecret.com was changed to "hairy_ballz".

I've sent a polite congenial email to the address specified on their contact form about this despicable and juvenile treatment.

There never has been, nor never will be, any animosity toward their site from ownership or staff of ATS. In fact, we included their domain in our Unified Conspiracy Search Engine

This is highly irregular.
By netchicken: posted on 9-1-2007


I have a feeling it happens more often than he would like to admit.
By Venus: posted on 9-1-2007

I found this site while doing some research on ATS. You guy's and gals all seem to be over the whole ATS thing so you may not be interested in some of these stories. Many of them mirror your own and are still happening.
History repeats itself huh.


At this site they filter ATS so that it is changed to Sohai (apparently a not very nice Asian slang term). similar to the Hairy_Ballz one, haha.


Anyway, nice forum you have here, been looking for new places to hang out since i left ATS. :)

By amalt: posted on 2-10-2008

ATS is totally dependent on the members to support it. Unfortunately for the site 90% of the members are socially maladjusted 14 year olds who destroy any credibility that the site might have. You literally grow out of the obsessions on the site and the repetitive posts, memes, and themes that are generated.

Every now and then I have a look to see if there is something interesting there that I might use, but there isn't, the same ideas are regurgitated year in and year out.

If I was going to invest in it I would be scared that one day the illusory bubble will burst and people will start to say "This is crap, its the same old hamsters running in their wheels" and move on. The mature, balanced and sane people eventually reach that conclusion that they are wasting their time. You really do grow out of it.

We used to have other posts here about ATS and the machinations behind it, but moved them out as its just not interesting any more.
By netchicken: posted on 2-10-2008

I know people whose lives have been threatened by Trinity over at GLP ! I used to post there years ago but quickly realized they screwed with your computer and backed out. There used to be a mod over at ATS that did the same thing. Took me days to find and undo his crap. If memory serves me he went by the handle of Air Attack and was out of Norway ? Just another hacker. But GLP is in bed with CIA or a similar Agency.
By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 5-10-2008

Time moves on, but still this thread gets noticed :)
By netchicken: posted on 22-5-2009

Just wait until they find the WITD threads ;)
By Venus: posted on 22-5-2009

LOL I don't think bill is capable of yet another heart attack after the one we gave him last week... He'll lay low for a bit...

Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the results of the FOIA request I put in a week or so ago regarding all this ATS stuff...

I'll make sure I post the results over here for you guys too...

It will either crack the whole thing right open, confirm what S.O. has been saying all along, or will be completely fruitless...

anyway, here's hoping for something other than fruitless :P
By pack3tg0st: posted on 26-5-2009

WOW! Now I know why the GodLikeProductions.com website is full of crap, without any moderation. I have been visiting the website few days ago, but in the third day was enough. People there hallucinate; they sell religion and most of the times hide themselves behind an “Anonymous Coward”. It is even people that affirm that God or angels speak with them…

Pure non-sense.

Well, everything makes sense know: to any top-secret information agencies like CIA, nothing better than “to produce” the illusion about conspiracy theories, diverting people of the real facts.

Thank you by this post. Here at least nobody is hallucinating.
By Kundalini_Rake: posted on 22-1-2010

Eventually you have to grow out of both these sites. The same topics circle repeatedly and the posters all start to resemble 14 year old socially maladjusted teenagers. Stay for too long and you actually never learn anything important, its death by a thousand trivialities.
By netchicken: posted on 23-1-2010

I was on GLP for a while. You cannot disagree with the mods or their favorite members, or you will be banned from posting. They ought to change their acronym to GLOM. God Like Oligarchic Moderators.
By mobocracy: posted on 6-10-2010

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