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Abovetopsecret.com Anonymous Posting - Fun for the Disgrunted

AboveTopSecret.com is starting a new subdomain for anonymous posting. This should be a lot of fun for all the banned and abused wise old members ;)

... Quote:
Posted by SkepticOverlord on 24-12-06 @ 10:08 PM

We have an entire new domain dedicated only to anonymous posting.

__________:dbguy :guy :dbguy__________

By YCON: posted on 25-12-2006

Now why do that!

I wonder if they are trying to negate the need for ATS posts here, so that they are better controlled on ATS itself?
By netchicken: posted on 26-12-2006

I'm sure it's just away to get new members. Guest posting will create more interest to non-members and they will register when they feel a need to carry on a conversation.
By YCON: posted on 26-12-2006


I can see the complaint bin's complaints and then the Zombie responses:

"My complaint is that my intelligent and well thought out post was deleted and I believe this occured because of thought control by the board!"
made by anonymous.

The Responses by the Zombies and the Zombie controllers:

"Somebody is again complaining that we are controlling the boards thoughts and the direction of discussion again."

"Who is it that is complaining?"


"Anonymous; so you could say nobody, huh?"

"No, it was somebody, it is just that they are anonymous."

"Follow what I am saying and agree with me, Zombie, before I make you disappear like the others who tried to be independant thinkers, to say that 'Anonymous' complained is like saying NOBODY complained, right?"

"Yes, Master; Nobody complained!"

"Well, if Nobody complained, then nobody has a problem with the way I run the board, right?"

"Yes, Master."

"That's better. Don't go suffering from dementia on me."

:j :dbguy :j
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 26-12-2006

OMG whats SO been up to?

ats-anon.jpg - 53.96kb
By netchicken: posted on 26-12-2006

Looks like SO's creditors are finally starting to catch up with him

happy-hooker.jpg - 86.86kb
By netchicken: posted on 26-12-2006

LMAO, this is gonna be so much fun :D
By YCON: posted on 26-12-2006

Wow, seems Springers family have found it as well!

mark-springer.jpg - 51.24kb
By netchicken: posted on 27-12-2006

Even the CIA are using this on Abovetopsecret.com

cia.jpg - 43.51kb
By netchicken: posted on 27-12-2006

I can confirm that Skepticoverlords claim that there is no logging of IP's is COMPLETLY FALSE. Not only are IP's logged but also blocked, therefore there is monitoring software being used.


SUCU - REALLY uncovering the truth on the internet!
By netchicken: posted on 27-12-2006

Again they are controlling who can post. Each post is reviewed before it is posted
By YCON: posted on 27-12-2006

Someone is telling Abovetopsecret.com some home truths. The poster deserves to be applauded for putting his membership on the line.


... Quote:
Is It Just Me or Has Something Changed ATS

I can't help but see the drivel I have recently read on the left side of currently most talked about or responded to or whatever they call it. I think this site has SOLD-OUT ...& by that I mean to big money future offers, or possibly dare I even say it, to the people, for the people, & by the election of the people, or powers in high places.

This site is starting IMO to become some kind of whacko extremeist, disinfo,fruitcake,nutjob site. Too many cooks spoil the soup so to speak.

Why not have another site where unless the information posted can be backed up by scientific methods,video, & eyewitnesses that are beyond reproach, then post that really whacky stuff on THE OTHER SITE.

I hate to say this, but I think you guys have $$$$ in your eyes, which I guess is after all the real American way. If you can't afford something, then your nothing, so in a way I can't blame you guys you "OVERLORDS " so to speak.

Now if someone was coereced into believing that this site was a national security risk, then you have fallen into the same trap that you were trying to avoid in the first place....
By netchicken: posted on 31-12-2006

We can give him applause here. *claps hands*


others are getting it
By YCON: posted on 31-12-2006

Oh my. Thats so....naughty.

Netty, u r my idol! lol!
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 31-12-2006

Here is why all the changes have come about...

Traffic figures for Abovetopsecret.com

Check out the Rank and the Page Views trends as well
By netchicken: posted on 31-12-2006

Wow - Latest News Flash

They have now posted a hot new link at the top of the page. How members can make some money off the site too.

By MELtdown: posted on 2-1-2007

... Quote:
Originally posted by netchicken
Here is why all the changes have come about...

Traffic figures for Abovetopsecret.com

Check out the Rank and the Page Views trends as well

Gee I had no idea my participation made such a difference - ROTFL
By MELtdown: posted on 2-1-2007

Wow. Look at the very visible and steady decline in interest. Hmmmmmmmmm.......could it be.............that the quality of discussion has become so mundane, boring, and totally lacking that people are simply finding better things to do with their time, eh?

Of course, im not looking at the december decline, as that is probably due to the holidays and peoples attentions elsewhere. But the trend for the past year is slow decline, with the exception in may of a huge spike in activity, more than likely related to that idiot who was claiming a asteroid would hit the earth.

Here is a 5 year look at ATS. Any oldtimers here notice any patterns?

http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details?site0=abovetopsecret.com&site1=&site2=&site3=&site4=&y=r&z=1&h=400&w=700&range=6m& size=Large&url=abovetopsecret.com
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 3-1-2007

Good chart.
I think the exodus of good members in 2005 and the effects of "ownership" being made more explicit and draconian have lead to these figures. Also lets not forget the rise of alternative sites. I think digg.com has sucked many out of the market, people do just move on.

ats-decline.jpg - 53.23kb
By netchicken: posted on 3-1-2007


And look at the same graph that shows the amounts of page views.

http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details?site0=abovetopsecret.com&site1=&site2=&site3=&site4=&y=r&z=1&h=400&w=700&range=6m& size=Large&url=abovetopsecret.com

Note that in the 3rd quarter of 2003, ATS has the biggest amount of views ever. Basically, August 2003. The WITD episode. The site has never seen that amount again.

Also, huge spikes in activity take place in 2003 after, when the hacking episode occured. And loads of members were banned, then it drops drastically. And only has a couple more peaks in interest, coinciding with idiotic episodes like SERPO and Eric Julien.

And now, we see that its current rate of hits is dropping to its levels before they upgraded from the old board.

Very interesting. No wonder they are going mad trying to make the site hip and get more hits.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 3-1-2007

For added amusement, note the following "reviews".

Amazon Reviews

Note that almost all of the 5 star rating reviews are done by..........gasp....................MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprise, surprise!
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 3-1-2007

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