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World War 3 - The Russian viewpoint

Russian plans for a week long nuclear war in Europe from 1979. These may be old, but not necessarly over. The weapons are still there and the ideology that led to them is revitalizing.

This shows a limited war with no Russian attacks on France of Great Britian. Maybe leaving them out might have limited their response to the Russian assault. Appeasement being a favorite British tool until their hand is forced.

In a historic break with the past, Poland's newly elected government threw open its top secret Warsaw Pact military archives - including a 1979 map revealing the Soviet bloc's vision of a seven-day atomic holocaust between Nato and Warsaw Pact forces.

The defence minister, Radek Sikorsky, showed off the map at an emotional press conference.

He described it as a "personally shattering experience", pointing to a long line of nuclear mushroom clouds neatly stamped along the Vistula, where Soviet bloc commanders assumed that Nato tactical nuclear weapons would rain down to block reinforcements arriving from Russia.

About two million Polish civilians would die in such a war, and the country would be all but wiped off the face of the Earth, he said.

On the map, western Europe lay beneath a chilling overlay of large red mushroom clouds: Warsaw Pact nuclear strikes, using giant warheads to compensate for their relative lack of precision.

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By netchicken: posted on 31-12-2006

Unless things have changed, our special weapons were pulled out of Europe several years ago.
We were chasing after some silly thing called a peace dividend and wanted to pretend as if we no longer had enemies.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 31-12-2006

I wonder, in an age of nuclear subs etc, what the plan is now for a limited nuclear war like this.

Here is a handy little book that should have been required reading around then.

Nuclear War
Updated and Expanded
1987 Edition

... Quote:
This book should be in every American home and place of business. It should be a part of all civilian and military defense preparations.

In this nuclear age, prior preparation and knowledge are the primary elements of survival during nuclear war, biological and chemical attack, and other man-made or natural disasters. This book provides that essential knowledge.
By netchicken: posted on 31-12-2006

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