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MSG: Whats the fuss about !?

Here is an excellent article that takes us through the history of the 'foreign migrant that has contaminated western kitchens' aka mono sodium glutamate. It tries to answer on very good question; If MSG is bad then why donít all the Asians suffer from headaches ?
Why arenít all their kids brain damaged ??

Some very interesting facts pop up on how science has conspired with hearsay to propagate fear and how the industry has capitalized on this to dime and nickel our fears. Ignorance is costly! :(

PS : I checked this out because I just had soup with MSG added !
By IAF: posted on 6-1-2007

What a great article, I liked the fact that marmite has the highest concentration of MSG, and that its now called "flavor enhancers". I am just munching on potato crips as I type this and see the dreaded euphimism on the back.

Its also good to read that is merely a form of food paranoia, and there is nothing wrong with it :) I can eat chinese without fear!
By netchicken: posted on 7-1-2007

Some people have no ill effects from it, but LOTS do. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones that cannot tolerate it, it's affects can be devastating (though usually short term).

I am one of them, and accidentally ingesting it (you have no clue how many unsuspecting products it's in) can disable me for a day.

It's only a flavor enhancer and meat tenderizer. The amount of people who do react warrant finding a substitute, or elimination of it from everyday products that don't need it. However, I suspect there is something addicting about it too, that makes people eat more of the product it contains IMHO.
By MELtdown: posted on 11-1-2007

... Quote:
Originally posted by MELtdown
It's only a flavor enhancer and meat tenderizer.

Lol, so basically it's a masking agent for crap food.
Is crap food good for people?
By bigSISta: posted on 11-1-2007

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