Lets hear it for MEN!!!

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Lets hear it for MEN!!!

Yeah!! We arn't the stupid, lazy, hopeless dolts, the media portray us as we are RESPONSIBLE.
Well we would be if we could find our car keys, and discover who hid the margarine in the fridge, and if we wern't henpecked to pick up our clothes and clean up, and if people just admitted beer is a staple food item.

By netchicken: posted on 11-1-2007

lol, im the same,im obversily a woman, last time i checked. i loose keys, everything of mine is in a orginised mess that i can only find things, and i live on a liquid beer diet most of the time (wiv a few shots) wot does that say about women??????
By playgirl: posted on 12-1-2007

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