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Family found for gigantic flowers

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The 200-year-old mystery of where one of the world's largest flowers sit in the botanical family tree has finally been solved by scientists.

To their surprise, the plants, which have a one-metre-wide, blood-red, rotten-flesh stinking flower, belong to a family of plants bearing tiny blooms.

BBC Gigantic Flower

It took them 200 years to figure out what family this big stinky flower belonged to. It sure is pretty but you don't want it as a house plant.

laun.jpg - 12.39kb
By YCON: posted on 12-1-2007

Its obvious!

It belongs to the big stinky flower family!
By netchicken: posted on 12-1-2007

Quote: ďSuch traits include the fact that they are rootless, leafless and stemless.Ē

Yea But too bad they were not odorless!!!! :)

Actually it amazes me that plant know how to smell like rotten flesh to attract said flies,
So how did the plant know what rotten flesh smelt like?
And if itís a slow evolutional process would it not have survived the time it took too randomly
Stumble on the smell?
And if it had multiple insects that transferred pollen, then why the change?
Could plants have more self awareness than we give credit for?
Am I in a post I have no knowledge on? Ö.Big yes on this one,

Itís not a bad looking plant though. :tu
By Shan: posted on 12-1-2007

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