Ancient warrior found in Russian permafrost

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Ancient warrior found in Russian permafrost

I hope we get more information on the discovery of an ancient warrior. Sounds like its an Otzi, the ancient frozen body found in the Italian Alps.

As as an aside, when Otzi was first broadcast on the internet (yeah I was on the net then as well), a story came out from the news that when the body was found, and still in the ice, a helicopter arrived at the site with scientists who removed the scrotum of the body, to preserve the sperm. I never heard any more on that topic.

RUSSIAN archaeologists have uncovered the 2000-year-old remains of a warrior preserved intact in permafrost in the Altai mountains region, the official Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily says.

The warrior was blond had tattoos on his body. He was wearing a felt coat with sable fur trimmings and was buried in a wooden frame containing drawings of mythological creatures with an icepick beside him, the paper said.

Local archaeologists believe the man was part of the ruling elite of a local nomadic tribe known as the Pazyryk. Numerous other Pazyryk tombs have been found in the area.

“This is definitely a very serious discovery. It's incredibly lucky that the burial was in permafrost so it was very well preserved,” Alexei Tishkin, an Altai archaeologist, was quoted as saying.
By netchicken: posted on 13-1-2007

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