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The strange tunnels of Malta and tales about them

Apparently Malta has a massive complex of mostly unexplored tunnels, some with spooky tales to tell. Tunnel pictures are on the link at the bottom.

The story goes much "deeper" however, than the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article indicates. Other sources say that ABOUT 30 CHILDREN vanished in these catacombs on the study tour, and that when the "Hypogeum" was first discovered nearly 30,000 human skeletons of men, women and children (victims of ancient sacrifice to the "underworld gods", performed by an old neolithic race) were discovered as well.

One article written by a Miss Lois Jessup, at the time an employee of the British embassy and later secretary for the New York Saucer Information Bureau (better known as NYSIB), appeared in an old issue of Riley Crabbís BORDERLAND SCIENCE magazine, published by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (B.S.R.F.) and was later reprinted in full in Dr. Allenís book ENIGMA FANTASTIQUE.

Miss Jessup claimed that she visited Malta and the Hypogeum also, once before the tragic disappearance of the children, and shortly thereafter.

She described how on her first visit to the catacombs she finally convinced the guide to allow her to investigate one of the so-called "burial chambers" near the floor of the last chamber in the third sub-basement, the supposed "end" of the Hypogeum tour. He seemed to know something she didnít, but finally consented and told her that she could enter at "her own risk".

As she did so, candle in hand and her loosed sash being used as a guide rope for her friends who followed behind, she crawled through the small passage and eventually emerged into a large cavern, where she found herself on a ledge overlooking a very deep, seemingly bottomless chasm. Below and on the other side of the chasm was another ledge which appeared to lead to a doorway or tunnel in the far wall.

We realize that what happened next might sound unbelievable to many who read this, but we would ask them to make their own determination of itís validity. Miss Jessup swears that what follows really happened.

Out of this lower tunnel on the far side of the chasm, she claims, emerged in single file several very large creatures of humanoid form but completely covered with hair from head to foot. Noticing her, they raised their arms in her direction, palms out, at which point a violent "wind" began to blow through the cavern, snuffing out her candle. Then, some "thing" wet and slippery (apparently a creature of a different sort) brushed past her.

This all happened just as the person behind her was beginning to emerge from the passage and into the cavern. They could not understand her panicked attempts to get back to the "Hypogeum" room, but they consented after she insisted.

When they found themselves back in the Hypogeum chamber, the guide saw her expression and gave her a "knowing" look. About a week afterwards the disappearance of the children and their teacher(s) took place, and on her second visit she saw an entirely new guide who denied that the other guide had ever worked there, although she knew that this new guide was hiding something.

She learned from more cooperative sources however, that THIS was the tunnel that the children and their teacher(s) and possibly the old guide, had entered. She also learned that after the last child had made it through, the walls of the small tunnel just "happened" to collapse or cave-in.

Although the official version stated that the walls caved-in on the students, search parties were never able to locate any trace of the teacher(s) or the children, although the rope that they had used to fasten themselves to the lower Hypogeum chamber was found to have been CLEAN CUT as if by something sharp (not falling rock).

It was asserted that for weeks afterwards the wailing and screaming of children was heard underground in different parts of the island, but no one could locate the sources of the cries.

As for the Catacombs beneath Malta itself, there are some ancient accounts which say that deep caverns beneath the island continue underground BEYOND the shores, and according to one source [i.e. the ever elusive "Commander-X"], part of this labyrinth stretches hundreds of miles northwards and intersects with catacombs beneath Rome (the hill Vaticanus?) or at least did so in ancient times...

By netchicken: posted on 13-1-2007

Reminds me of this:

According to several of the stories I have heard, there are indian legends of people living underground in the west and southwest United States and the residents claim that the smithsonian has covered up the evidence.

I have heard one story of someone who fell into an underground tunnel and said he saw living people dressed in animal skins, similiar to this story, and spoke an undecipherable language.

Some seem to think they are remnants of an ancient civilization that was destroyed by a nuclear war. As strange and unbelievable as that may seem, its not entirely without evidence.

There has been 'mines', for lack of better word, which contain enriched uranium in India. It is impossible for uranium to enrich itself spontaneously in nature so many scientists were shocked to hear this. This isnt the only thing that leads credibility to an ancient nuclear war.

In the sahara and other deserts around the world, several strata deep, they have fount trininite. A Greenish substance that is produced under extreme temperatures in the desert. It was discovered as a by-product of the trinity test in New Mexico.
By Xphilesphan: posted on 29-3-2007

Man this is very interesting, I'm in class reading this and everyone around me is like "zOMG thats crazy!". I'm gonna haveta go there sometime and check into this. Very interesting my friend.
By FrozenFlameXXX: posted on 29-3-2007

It is pretty interesting, I would bet that these creatures under malta and the people found living in the western US are one in the same.

But the descriptions of the creatures in malta reminds me of the morlocks from the movie the time machine, lol.
By Xphilesphan: posted on 29-3-2007

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