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Absolutely no need for history books

Wow!!!! Just Wow.
Were you aware thereís absolutely no need for history books on the way we
Used to treat citizens Millennia ago? Do you want to know how? Read on.
You only need a plane ticket to Iran via a temporal time rip to see how immoral
And savage we were.
Well itís either a temporal time rip or perhaps a stargate like in sg1 Iíve read on ats
Thatís apparently located in Iraq. The reason I propose this is I cannot fathom in
This day and age that us as human beings could treat women in such a low and
Demeaning ways.
You know what the sad thing is; this article will not be of any surprise to some members
Of SUCU for Iím sure they have heard it all before.

The Independent

... Quote:
By Angus McDowall in Tehran

Hopes have risen for an Iranian teenager sentenced to death for stabbing a would-be rapist, after a panel of Islamic judges declared on the first day of her retrial that she had not committed intentional murder.

The only good point to the story is the woman is likely to escape the death penalty.
I just canít believe the poor woman would be even in such a position,
But the worst part, See Quote

... Quote:
She also represented the family of Atefeh Rajabi, a 16-year-old girl hanged for "crimes against chastity" in 2004.

I feel sick in my stomach, And Why do I feel Confused.

Islam seems to show no care to what extremist do to
Non Muslims on a grand scale, also they show no care
For what good Muslims do to non Muslims.
But for some demented reason they find it a crime that demands death to women on such ridicules reasons.

Ahh thatís enough for me, itís depressing to see people still think and act in this manner, Iím going to try and stick to happier topics from now on.
By Shan: posted on 16-1-2007

That could also be a peek into the future for all of us if the West doesn't stop trying to hide from the truth and sees that theh Islamic goal is to bring Islam to the entire world at the tip of a sword.

These people are for real. We need to realize that.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-1-2007

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