Russia sells advanced AA missiles to Iran

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Russia sells advanced AA missiles to Iran

Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Eventually, someone is going to have to stop them. It's either going to be the U.S. or it's going to be Israel.
The pilots of those aircraft that are sent to destroy Iran's nuclear program before Imanidiotinadinnerjacket can hold the West hostage with those nukes will be facing these, thanks to our Russian "friends":


By the way, my fellow Americans on this board, when Bush looked into Putin's eyes he liked what he saw. What an idiot child!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-1-2007

It certainly isnít good of the Russians to supply Iran with any defensive weapons.

I suspect in part, there only interested in the money they can achieve by this
Deal rather than helping an enemy for their cause.

Their certainly not the only country that puts money before a morally right decision
Either. In this case though I think they are bloody stupid and should know better, but
Havenít they always helped Iran?
Never the less, Israel and America if required and hopefully they donít have too
Will easily deal with the situation Iím sure.

... Quote:
senior diplomatic and defense officials warned Moscow Tuesday that the deal could have serious security implications that would even "get back to Russia."

... Quote:
They did, however, issue a warning: "We hope they understand that this is a threat that could come back to them as well."

What do they mean exactly by the two statements above: do they mean that?
If required they will hit Russian targets or a warning that Iran may someday
Bite the hands that feed it.
By Shan: posted on 18-1-2007

The latter.
Islam has no love for Communism. It is no more compatible with that ideology than it is with Western ways.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 18-1-2007

Lol, what a mad post. Guess what...all countries do what they can to ensure they can defend themselves. Just think of it as a Patriot missile, I'm
sure you have them.
As for Iran holding the West hostage with their nukes... the nuclear club has been holding that big stick over all of us for over 60 years, and no wonder America and Israel can get away with murder.
What makes Israel so special that they can be armed to the eyeballs with nukes, yet nobody else in the region is allowed (by your rules) to aquire a similar MAD deterrent against invasion or attack?
Bizzare how you fear Iran attacking Israel, yet seem more than willing to inflict the very same horror on the Iranian population first...just in case. Isn't that what you're accusing Imanidiotinadinnerjacket of plotting?
By bigSISta: posted on 20-1-2007

That would make sense if it wasn't so wrong.

Israel hasn't gotten away with murder, Israel has done what is necessary to survive while being surrounded by nations who want to make the Jews swim away. Israel has yet to try and conquer and you know that.

I don't have to compare that system to any other system, thank you. I know that the system bought by Iran is so that they can prepare for aggression and try and protect their up and coming nuclear arsenal from destruction by those who do NOT want to be attacked by them.

Now, as far as the other nonsense, in the time that we have maintained our nuclear arsenal we have not launched on anyone. As a matter of fact, the only reason we are having this conversation is because we had the counterresponse to Soviet expansion. Iran is under no gun, nobody is wanting to invade them for no good reason, they are bringing negartive attention to themslves. It is the leadership of Iran threatening the total destruction of Israel and the U.S., not the other way around.

No nuclear stick has been held over "you" (I assume you are in the Middle East?), we have never threateneed to nuke you, and you know that.

As far as Israel being "armed to the eyeballs" with nukes, that is not true, and what they have is for the obvious need of a deterrance due to the historical aggression by her neighbors who cling to a religion that demands her destruction. The money spent on defensive posturing could very easily be spent elsewhere and, unlike what her neighbors are, she would be an even more successful nation and country.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-1-2007

Well frankly the Tor-1 missile is just 6000mts range and well that isnt much to go by. What would really make people sit up and listen would be if Russia sold them the S-300 anti-missile system. That would make it extremely hard for the IDF to lauch any long range stikes on Irans nuclear capabilites.

As for what they have been sold so far, the Tor-1 could be easily countered by the IDF by using what they currently have.
By IAF: posted on 21-1-2007

I know some Vulcan battery commanders who would have merrily burned your eyes out and the Tor is a more accurate system than that. IT is a short range ADA system, it is part of a multi-ring defense network. It doesn't matter if you get smoked miles before the target of mere meters before releasing your ordinance, failure and death is the same.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-1-2007

Yeah right! Those field ADA commanders can get all starry eyed about the Tor but when you have the fly-boys dropping their munitions 12k+ all they can do is wait for the bombs to fall. Not to forget high-altitude bombers that may also be employed by the IDF guys if they had to pound those hardened nuke facilities.
By IAF: posted on 21-1-2007

IAF, it depends on where the batteries are located, don't you think, and other factors involved, don't you think?
Or, do you think Iran just fritters away their scarce money? As well as us, and all other militaries that realize the need for short range ADA.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 22-1-2007

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