Seven meter long Python eats 11 dogs

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Seven meter long Python eats 11 dogs

Darn handy pet, I can think of a few neighbourhoods where he could be released for a good feed.

Ali Yusof, 35, who had lost 11 dogs in the past three months, found the python coiled at the edge of a swampy area near his orchard at Kampung Pogoh here.

It took six men and three hours to capture the 70kg snake which measured 7.1 metres in length and 60cm in diameter.

They tied it to a tree. (did they use a bow knot? How do you tie a python to a tree)

Ali said he had four dogs to guard his orchard, but for the past three months the canines had disappeared one after another, and he had to replace them. He suspected his guard dogs were being eaten by a beast after he found footprints of the dogs disappearing into a swampy area.

"But I did not expect it to be a python," he said.

Ali and the villagers contacted the Wildlife and National Parks Department in Segamat and the officers collected the python yesterday.

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