China shoots down satellite - world loses the plot

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China shoots down satellite - world loses the plot

Last week China somehow shot down one of its own satellites as a test of its anti-satellite technology. The western nations got all upset over it. Big deal.

This has got to be the greatest non news story to come out so far this year. Does anyone really think that this is the first time such technology has been tried and developed? The west have been thinking about it as along as there have been satellites to destroy.

The problem with satellites is that they are incredibly easy to damage, forget trying to shoot them down like a plane, just launch your own satellite to the same orbit, release a jar of bolts and bearings, and watch the enemy craft fly right through them. Bang, goodbye satellite.

So "so what" is my response to the tests, the real test is how to protect the space infrastructure from the expected attacks. Shouting about how unfair they are is nothing.

Article on Chinas test here
By netchicken: posted on 28-1-2007

Put it all in context, Netty.
They are building up to be at least a regional superpower.
They train as if the U.S. is their enemy, even though we have no intentions of invading, conquering and taking all their cheap labor.
The Chinese military totally intends on a first-strike preempt on U.S. assets in the area, including Japan and South Korea U.S. bases as well as our naval assets when they go to claim Taiwan. To better increase their odds of success, they'll blind us by knocking out our intel satellites.
They will make it clear that if we try and respond at all to assist Taiwan, they will launch at the U.S. mainland.
Worse yet, maybe, they will threaten us economically.

The plot is not lost. I've been following the plot with great interest for a few years, now.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-1-2007

This is just like the Soviet Union, we afraid what they will do and they afraid what we will do. In the end, the victor will win without launching even a single blow!

Prophecy. ;)
By IAF: posted on 28-1-2007

Prophesy, a vision of history before it happens, given to an human being by G-d.
You a prophet, IAF?
You are saying that China is afraid of us? For what reason? The same reason the Soviet Union was as they knew we were going to stymie their attempt at world domination?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 29-1-2007

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