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ATS history with board instigated hoaxes?

Well.... I debated whether to put this in "Diversions & Timewasters" but ended up here with it.

If this isn't a topic you want to discuss here - just delete this - I'll totally understand!

In my investigation of why ATS is NOT Altruism+Trust+Sincerity, I discovered that, in fact, ATS has had a history of creating board hoaxes and tricks - especially around April 1 and Halloween.

From a fellow researcher - here's an example.

... Quote:
I stumbled on this just now -
part of the fallout of ATS' Halloween 2004 prank, which was a reenactment/update of the War of the Worlds/Orson Welles broadcast. This thread is mostly negative reactions occurring DURING the hoax.

[quote="mrmonsoon"]I seem to remember the Dr Jim game started as a hoax and if memory serves me right-it was started by our own Sketpic Overloard.

Clearly this was a hoax and I would not be surprised if SO started it or at the very least knew about it.

The board rules and terms calls for banning any member who knowingly posts false or hoax material-guesss it does not extend to SO and the Mods in on it.

See also:
for SO's official post-hoax announcement, and the reactions to it.

[I haven't read that whole thing yet - just p1 so far.]

This is all vastly interesting to me...

But, without springboarding into all the areas I *could* go with this:

1) ATS does have an April Fool's joke and a Halloween trick tradition.
2) basing the 2004 Halloween trick so closely around the Orson Welles WOTW broadcast demonstrates a pretty nuanced understanding of not just pranks/hoaxes but the *history* of pranks/hoaxes.

What I would like to know from those of you who were on the inside of ATS, was there an official or unofficial policy related to board-instigated hoaxes? Is there any evidence, in your personal opinion, that Serpo could have been instigated by ATS in partnership with Centrist? I'm keen to outline how ATS is complicit in the Serpo saga - and could use additional insight.

Again - please delete if this is inappropriate for this board.

By Shawnna: posted on 29-1-2007

We have several threads here on ATS and their hoaxes. So no problem. Most of them are in general discussions, we may move your thread there. Netchicken probably knows alot more about serpo and ATS policies, then me. He was banned over a hoax he pulled on serpo. When I was part of ATS staff in 2003, there was no separate policy for staff members, but that didn't stop us from playing hoaxes in the forum. :cool:
By YCON: posted on 29-1-2007

ATS staff used to have a good sence of humor. Sure the staff played hoaxes on people, but always within the bounds of acceptablility, such as April Fools.

The worst people in the conspiracy field are those who take themselves too seriously and cannot step back and see just how wacky some theories are. To me such individuals are often very gullible and set themelves up for hoaxes to trap them.

I can't complain about ATS hoaxes that the staff made, it displayed a healthy sence of objectivism and sence of the absurd. Its the complainers who have the problems, not the ATS staff hoaxers.

SERPO was not a hoax by ATS, they were just as flummoxed by it as the rest of the net. To me it was obvious it WAS a hoax, and I had no problems with trying to hoax the hoaxers. That some were "believers" just goes to show the old Barnum circus saying is true.
By netchicken: posted on 29-1-2007

Ok - appreciate the insight.

I'm trying to sort out fact, from fiction.
By Shawnna: posted on 29-1-2007

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