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Earn $25000 by ratting on the Japanese fleet

An anti-whaling group is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can help it find the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.

"We know they bought a 150,000-dollar ship-tracking programme, so we suspect they can see us through the satellites," said Watson, who has been searching for the whalers in the Southern Ocean for three weeks.

"We're taking some steps to try to avoid the satellites. We know what time they fly over, so we, you know, try to hide behind an iceberg. But the thing is we are really at a disadvantage."

Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are hunting the six Japanese whalers with the 54-metre (177-foot) Farley , a second, faster ship, the Robert Hunter, a helicopter and a total of 70 crew from 14 countries.

The Canadian-born activist, who has been accused in the past of using violent tactics in his conservation efforts, has threatened to use a ram to punch holes in the whalers and force them back to port.

But time is running out, and it could be Watson's expedition that is forced to return to port to refuel if it does not find the Japanese fleet within the next two to three weeks.

Watson's offer of a reward for information on the location of the fleet was apparently prompted by the New Zealand government's release last Friday of footage of the Japanese ships harpooning and cutting up whales.

By netchicken: posted on 30-1-2007

Does it make me a tree-hugger that I am cheering for the Sea Shepard Conservation Society?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-1-2007

Nah. Finding the slaughter of beautiful, intelligent, and emotional creatures for no reason other than greed or a perception of "delicasy" does not make one a tree hugger. Whale hunting is sick and pointless, and there is no one on the planet who has any legit reason to kill and hunt these critters. besides, its not like the Japanese don't already have a long list of weird and vile critters who AREN'T intelligent and endangered to snack on.

Hell, I opposed the legalization of whale hunting by the Makah Indian tribe. The Makah claimed it was for "cultural reasons" because it was a tribal tradition their ancestors performed back in the days when whales were good food and necessary for survival. However, when these Indian tribe members are following the whales in powerboats and shooting them with harpoon guns or high powered rifles, I think that any claim to "cultural right" becomes completely moot. If the Makah want to return to loin cloths, spears, cannoes, and shun civilization, then perhaps I will make an allowance. But thats clearly not the case here.

The Japanese have even less right to this, as they are doing it because of their appetite for weird things and oil products.

So leave the damn whales alone! Go catch blowfish, tuna, salmon, crab, or shrimp like any other normal civilized person would.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 9-2-2007

I was trying to reconcile my enjoyment of eating meat with my dislike of killing things.

I think true humanity isn't about "not killing things" because plainly thats impractical.

I think it comes from not killing things that don't need to die.

So i was disturbed at the thought of a live goldfish flushed down the toilet, but not at a fish being caught on a line for dinner.

Whales don't need to die.

The market is artificial, few people want to eat whale and its just greed for money and pig headedness that keeps it going.
By netchicken: posted on 9-2-2007

All things die in nature. Its not killing for food i find abhorent. Its killing things for food that should not be killed when there is no need.

I eat fish and seafood. I stopped eating red meat and poultry. I did this not because I object to animals being killed for food. I object to the sickening factory farm way animals are raised and slaughtered, because such treatment of animals is totally unecessary, unhealthy, and is fueled by greed and a demand for cheap meat.

I think that this sickening factory production of animals in crap conditions has roused the ire of nature, and she has responded with Mad Cow Disease (from feeding factory raised cows the remains of their sick bretheren), Foot in Mouth Disease (from doing the same with pigs), and Bird Flu (while they claim it comes from wild birds, Im certain sooner or later it will be traced to some serious abuse of nature by people).

So its not the killing of animals for food I object to. What I object to:

1. Killing animals for fun, sport, or profit
2. Killing intelligent animals for food when there are plenty of domesticated food resources available
3. Inhumane farming and treatment of animals, then cruel slaughtering practices.

If I am going to eat an animal, I feel that animal should have lived out a fully, happy, natural life in natural healthy conditions, then slaughtered in a way that brings the least pain and suffering to the animals.

And I dont care about whats acceptable in other cultures. Eating whale is just plain.....wrong. or killing them for whatever reason.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 9-2-2007

Arent these whaling fleets just fullfilling a demand that is already there for this meat ?

Also I heard that recently theses Sea Shepard people threw acid on the deck of the whaling ship. Then 3 members of hte Sea Shepard got lost and the Japanese fleet combined their forces with the Sea Shepard shipt to find the 3.
By IAF: posted on 10-2-2007

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