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Awesome Space Simulator

I came across this incredible space simulator called Celestia, which is apperently freeware and is simple incredible if you are interested in astronomy and the such. It isn't a game or anything of the sorts. It is more a giant space map that lets you explore the universe with a great physics engine.

Its real simple to use and I personally being interested in this kind of stuff find it quite incredible. It has a huge community and thousands of add-ons to enrich the program further and its just 14Mb. You can basically point and navigate across the universe or fly/orbit/chase/track at your own pace.

The website is

Have a look if you are interested. Here is a pic of what I am explored today ( attached below) .

Jupiter & Io.jpg - 36.85kb
By IAF: posted on 31-1-2007

Wow, thats incredable. I'm really impressed with the software. Seems like google earth for space :)

I'll have to download it when I get the time :)
By netchicken: posted on 1-2-2007

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