Archaeologists find Roman emperors treasure

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Archaeologists find Roman emperors treasure

Oh for some photos of this article. Something that that would be great to bea apart of when they found it.

Archaeologists in Rome have discovered the lost treasure of the last pre-Christian Roman emperor, Maxentius. Imperial standards, lances and glass spheres were found buried on the Palatine Hill.

Archaeologists believe that the emperor hid his treasure before his battle with Constantine in AD312 at Milvian Bridge.

However, with his death, the deaths of his closest aides, the location of the treasure remained a mystery until now.

These latest findings follow on from the recent discovery by archaeologists of a grotto on the Palatine Hill thought to be the cave revered by ancient Romans as the place the city's founders, Romulus and Remus, were suckled by a wolf.

Many of the ancient temples and palaces on the hill have been under-explored and, with many of the ancient relics crumbling, parts of the hill are closed off to the public as efforts are taken to preserve them.

Other artefacts found under a shrine near to the Palatine Hill are believed to have been hidden there by surviving supporters of Maxentius in order to preserve his memory following his death.
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In December 2006, archeologists announced that an excavation under a shrine near the Palatine Hill had unearthed several items in wooden boxes covered in silk, including 3 rare complete lances, 4 javelins and several objects believed to be the base for his imperial standards.

The most important find was a scepter, which is believed to have belonged to the Emperor himself because of its intricate worksmanship (it is adorned with a carved flower and a globe).

Found alongside the sceptre in its linen-wrapped box was a series of glass spheres, believed to represent the earth. These are the only known royal insignias belonging to this Emperor.

Clementina Panella, the archaeologist who made the discovery states that "These artifacts clearly belonged to the emperor, especially the scepter, which is very elaborated, it's not an item you would let someone else have." Panella notes that the insignia was likely hidden by Maxentius' supporters in an attempt to preserve the emperor's memory after he was defeated in the 312 A.D.
By netchicken: posted on 2-2-2007

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