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Phoenix Lights Not UFO's

Lights appear again over Phoenix lastnight. This time there is an explannation. Watch the video.

... Quote:
PHOENIX -- Mysterious lights appeared Tuesday night, south of the Valley. At around 8PM, SkyFox saw the lights south of Phoenix, the second time that mysterious lights appeared near Phoenix in the last 10 years. Nearly 10 years ago, many people witnessed a similar sighting, that came to be known as the "Phoenix Lights". SkyFox's Rick Crabbs has more... Phoenix lights Part 2
By YCON: posted on 8-2-2007

If they are merely parachute flares, then why doesn't the military just warn people when they are going to fire them off?

A simple phone call to the media would suffice.
By netchicken: posted on 8-2-2007

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