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UFOs over Lake Erie video

From the comments of the article:

"I believe the plane is flying towards the camera. If you have ever stood underneath the flightpath of an airport at night and watched the planes coming in you will see that they do, in fact appear stationary for many minutes, as they tend to approach from up to 20 miles away on the glidepath and, as they are so far away, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to hear any engine noise.

And before you say that itís impossible to see planesí landing lights from that distance, it isnít - when they are pointed in your direction, these things are BRIGHT.

"This is so obviously two planes coming towards the cameraman, one has to wonder whether the suspension of all critical faculties is essential to be a UFO enthusiast."

Lake Erie UFO's - from DavidSereda.blogspot.com

The only critical issue I have with that clip is the annoying inability of either of the idiots witnessing this to add anything more descriptive than:

"Doooooood! It the mothership, Doooood! It's comin' in to the mothership, DOOOOOOOD! it's orbiting the earth!"

Dude! What a couple of burnouts! (They'll be news anchors for a NPR station next year, I'm sure!)

Comments in this post have come from readers in this Digg.com Thread. Good for more interesting comments as well.
By netchicken: posted on 11-2-2007

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