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OZ News: Vegemite wars!

I found this clip about something australians eat called "Vegemite". I have heard this name before and I think I have seen it somewhere too but what the hell is it? And why is considered as "distillied aussie essence" ?

Is it like Jam or marmalede or something like that ? Why are the Aussies upset about insulting Kraft's Vegemite ?

Anyway here is the original that started it all!
By IAF: posted on 14-2-2007

Vegemite is a yeast extract with a flavor reminiscent of crude oil crossed with anchovies and rock salt.

It's simply an iconic brand.

But it is surprising to learn there are still some on this small planet who have not sampled it once to say never again, or to become happy little vegemites forever and a day.

It is not to be confused with Marmite or Promite.
By ASIOwatches2: posted on 14-2-2007

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