The Janet planes - suppling the military black world

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The Janet planes - suppling the military black world

Just how do secret military bases get resourced with people, food, equipment etc? Here is part of the answer. The Janet Airline was set up by the DoD to ferry workers to and from several locations in the Nevada Ranges and various plants.

The airline has its own dedicated terminal building and parking area, which is strictly off limits to anyone who does not work at the sites. Heavily armed security are guarding the gates at all times. Hundreds of workers get on these flights each day and the parking lot is always packed with cars.

The Janet planes are the connection between the Black World of programs, projects, people, and places involved with highly secret military programs paid for out of the “black budget” – and the public world.

Some of these “black” programs are so highly classified their very existence is a state secret. For public purposes, they “do not exist.” And the totality of these “black” programs is what defense-insiders are talking about when they refer to the “black world.”

Vast desert military ranges are home to a number of Air Force bases and other installations exclusively dedicated to these sorts of “black” or “nonexistent” projects. For example, there’s the Tonopah Test Range near the central Nevada town of Tonopah, which was built in the late 1970s and early 1980s to house a squadron of stolen Soviet MiGs, and to serve as a home base for the ultra-secret “stealth fighter.”

There’s the enigmatic installation at Groom Lake, Nevada known as “Area 51,” which was originally built to house the CIA’s U-2 spy plane in the 1950s, and which has been expanding ever since. There are other obscure bases like the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range, about which there is extremely little publicly available information.

A landing strip called “Base Camp” near Warm Springs, where both Janet planes and CIA aircraft have been spotted. When one begins to count the number of obscure military installations lurking in the recesses of the Nevada desert, an entire “black world” does indeed seem to appear, albeit fleetingly.

From their daily departures out of Las Vegas and other cities to the hidden recesses of the Military Industrial Complex, the Janet fleet’s flight plans trace the outlines of this “black world.”

The Janet planes are a solution to a weird question: how does the “black world,” filled with places that “you can’t get to from here” interact with the “white world” on an everyday basis?

Indeed, how does one get there from here? The Janets inhabit the strange and contradictory space built into the structure of such questions.

This facinating website actually tracks the flights of the Janet places revealing some of the "Black bases" that they ferry to.

This site http://www.dreamlandresort.... shows photos, (remarkably boring really) of the planes used by the Janet Fleet.
By netchicken: posted on 17-2-2007

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