IDF stop Islamic Jihad terror attack

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IDF stop Islamic Jihad terror attack

The Islamic Jihad planned on blowing up a train station in Tel Aviv, but was stopped by the IDF after information was passed on by Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence agency.

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Security forces on Tuesday thwarted a large-scale terrorist attack planned for Tel Aviv. Forces arrested a Palestinian resident of the West Bank and three other people at a Bat Yam house after receiving intelligence information from the Shin Bet security service.

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Security sources said the attack was to have been executed Tuesday evening at the central bus station in Tel Aviv. For unknown reasons, the sources said, the suspect had hidden the explosives in a Rishion Letzion trash bin and returned to Bat Yam without them.


A train station. Wonderful. The strict followers of the "religion of peace" was going to destroy the lives of innocent men, women and children.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-2-2007

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