The islamification of England gains ground

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The islamification of England gains ground

Yet again a list of islamic demands. Yet again England rolls over and plays dead. In a pathetic desire not to offend it evens employs a senior minister to oversee the destruction of the British way of life.

DEMANDS for a ban on un-Islamic activities in schools will be set out by the Muslim Council of Britain today.

Targets include playground games, swimming lessons, school plays, parent evenings and even vaccinations.

And the calls for all children to be taught in Taliban-style conditions will be launched with the help of a senior Government education adviser.

Professor Tim Brighouse, chief adviser to London schools, was due to attend the event at the capitals biggest mosque.

His presence there was seen as deeply worrying, and a sign that the report was backed by the Government.

Tory MP Greg Hands said: The MCB needs to realise it has to move closer to the rest of the community, not away from it.

The presence of Tim Brighouse implies Government backing of this report. This is very worrying.

Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society said the report was a recipe for disaster.

He added: Schools with even just a handful of Muslim kids will find they have to follow these guidelines because there arent the staff to have one set of classes for Muslims and another for the rest.

The MCB shouldnt try to force its religious agenda on children who may not want it. The Government needs to send the MCB packing. Schools should be about teaching, not preaching.

The report, Towards Greater Understanding Meeting The Needs of Muslim Pupils In State Schools, says all schools should bring in effective bans for all pupils on un-Islamic activities like dance classes.

It also wants to limit certain activities during Ramadan. They include science lessons dealing with sex, parents evenings, exams and immunisation programmes.

The holy month when eating and drinking is not allowed in daylight hours should also see a ban on swimming lessons in case pupils swallow water in the pool.

When swimming is allowed, boys should wear clothing covering their bodiesfrom the navel to the neck, even during single-sex pool sessions, while girls must be covered up completely at all times, apart from the face and hands.

The MCB adds that schools should ensure contact sports, including football and basketball, are always in single-gender groups.

Even school trips are targeted in the report, which wants them all to be made single-sex to encourage greater participation from Muslim pupils.

It wants Arabic language classes for Muslim pupils, and says the Koran should be recited in music classes. And all schools should ensure they have prayer rooms with washing facilities attached, it says.

In art classes, Muslim children should not be allowed to draw people, as this is forbidden under some interpretations of Islamic law.

And while the MCB insists that all British children should learn about Islam, it wants Muslims to have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons dealing with Christianity and other faiths.

The MCB says special treatment and opt-outs are necessary because otherwise Muslim pupils will feel excluded from school activities and lessons.

The MCB claims to be the voice of Britains 1.5 million Muslims and was heavily courted by politicians including Tony Blair following the September 11 attacks. Its former secretary-general Iqbal Sacranie was awarded a knighthood in 2005.

But other Muslim groups criticised the report. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain said: There has been no discussion on these issues in the Muslim community.

And the Sufi Muslim Council which claims to represent far more British Muslims than the MCB said the report misunderstood Ramadan.

It added: This is not what Islam or Ramadan is about. Ramadan is about training yourself while carrying on with everyday life.

The Department for Education tried to distance itself from the report last night, and insisted Professor Brighouse was attending the launch only in a personal capacity.

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By netchicken: posted on 23-2-2007

What else do you expect from the Saudi backed MCB? The worrying thing is that they will capitulate. They seem to do that alot to kiss ass to the Islamic minority.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 24-2-2007

You know this is leading to war regardless of how much europe capitulates, they will not avoid it.

I really dont see how people with the living standards that europe has are really going to allow a taliban style, anti-female society to be established and have their standard of living lowered by banning vaccinations.

So they have 2 choices.....

1. resist now and make it less painful all around.

2. resist later which is likely to erupt in civil wars in europe.
By Xphilesphan: posted on 27-3-2007

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