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Top Gear build a space shuttle!

Using a Reliant car with an external fuel tank, solid rocket boosters, and a spot-on paint job, although there doesn't seem to have been any room left for passengers, with the whole lot remotely-controlled instead.

That proved to have been for the best, however, with the impressive launch followed by a less-than-successful landing, though that was still more than enough to claim the title of the largest rocket flown in the U.K.

Note the amazing technology employed to build it. Old concrete blocks and straps from a removal van. At this rate they will be on the moon well before NASA!
A Reliant Robin, the cockpit of the British Space Shuttle. With technology like that how could they fail?

reliant-space-shuttle1.jpg - 23.48kb
By netchicken: posted on 23-2-2007

Yeah saw this episode! Fantastic that they could do something like this in a shed!

The whole "shuttle launch" aspect was amazing. Sadly it failed at the last moment when one final bolt attaching the car to the Fuel tank failed to explode and veered the damn thing off course.

You could see the look of disappointment and utter amazement and shock in their eyes at this feat.

As always, amazing show, amazing presenters.
By IAF: posted on 23-2-2007

It shows that there is still hope for the British Space effort.

Still conquering new land, and bringing flaming death to moles.

It was magnificent.

Now to tunnel to the center of the earth with a lawn mower....
By netchicken: posted on 23-2-2007

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