WW2 Nazi Sniper Training Video.

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WW2 Nazi Sniper Training Video.

Here is a 7 part series on Sniper training and tactics by the "OberKommando der Luftwaffe" called "Die Unsichtbare Waffe". I am suprised that the film survived for so long. An interesting look at sniper tactics that were used during WW2 compared to what is used these days at some of the best sniper schools like that of the Royal British Commandos.








These series show everything from identifying the target, to finding concealment, making camouflage and even battlefield tactics to lure enemy snipers out of their positions.
By IAF: posted on 25-2-2007

Wow what amazing videos. If nothing else it give a real appreciation for the training that they had to go through. The close analysis of the landscape and the description of it is real art.

What a great find.

I wonder what is different today, I imagine the sneaking around stuff is pretty similar.
By netchicken: posted on 25-2-2007

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