Holy great deal Batman! The Batmobile is for sale

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Holy great deal Batman! The Batmobile is for sale

Batmans car is up for sale. Now THAT would be a real head turner :)

Rarely do examples of cars which can justly claim to be the most famous in the World come on the market, and when they do collectors and enthusiasts (in this case not only of cars, but of film and television also) are offered the unique opportunity to relive those idle childhood daydreams, but this time in their own glorious full size Technicolor!

As was said in the opening show - "Batteries to power: Turbines to speed."


The original Batmobile was created and built for the ABC Network in 1965 by the “Kustom King” George Barris. Because of time constraints, Barris based the car on the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept that he owned.

Thanks to the huge popularity of the television show, the producers commissioned more Batmobiles to be made and toured the cars around the United States. Coys believes this Batmobile to be number six of several built — not all functional, unlike this car — by Jay Ohrberg Star Cars of Hollywood in about 1966 for this very purpose.

On first sight two things strike you. Number one is, “Holy Smoke, it’s the Batmobile!” And secondly, is the fact that I never realised it was that big. The car is low and fairly wide, but at nearly six metres it ranks alongside the present Rolls Royce Phantom in length.

Getting into Batman’s seat takes a little doing, though, as I have trouble squeezing my legs under the large, futuristic-looking steering wheel. But once inside you start to see some of the familiar details, such as the Bat logo on the doors.

The Bat phone is in here, too, although sadly no longer connected to the Gotham City Mayor’s Office (or Ken Livingstone’s).

No superhuman powers are needed to get the car moving, either, just turn the key, select drive and off you go. What you do need once you are moving, however, is extra sensory observational powers as the visibility is, at best, poor.

From the driver’s seat, which is on the left, almost everything to the right is obscured by the buttress that separates the double bubble windscreen. There are no mirrors, either.

Happily, Coys has provided Alex (or should that be Robin), as a chaperone and I am extremely grateful for the extra set of eyes, ears and arms (for signalling — there are no indicators). But I need not have worried about not being seen as this car stops everything and everyone in its tracks.

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By netchicken: posted on 28-2-2007

The batmobile sold for a sum far in excess of the predictions, its a great publicity machine.

The Batmobile from the 1960s BATMAN TV series sold for a staggering US$233,000 at a London auction this week. The infamous black Lincoln Futura had been estimated at US$147,000 but attracted a fierce bidding war on Tuesday to exceed expectations. Designed in 1955 by a division of the Ford Motor Company, the vehicle was built entirely by hand in Italy.

By netchicken: posted on 2-3-2007

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