Guy digs multistory carpark in his basement!

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Guy digs multistory carpark in his basement!

having missed out on a parking space

After recent rumours of an illegal carpark in the North West London area, Thymes Online has secured exclusive coverage of one of the most bizarre episodes in London real estate to date.

The rumours began when neighbours of David Fischer began noticing strange phenomena occurring at his house in Finchley. David Fischer, a local building contractor, had, until then, been your average gentleman; a nine to five worker, with a loving wife and three young children.

The first signs of problems began when the council implemented the new resident parking permit scheme; it appeared the Fischer’s were not issued with a permit as they possessed a garage.

Mr Fischer seemed to becoming increasingly agitated, which resulted in multiple absence from work as well as family arguments. The scene became increasingly sinister when the arguments stopped, as skip-loads of material where removed from the house on a daily basis. When all was apparently over, Fischer seemed to pull another rabbit out of the hat, as his garage develops mysterious unworldly properties.

Local residents began referring to Fischer as Mary Poppins, as his garage turns into a “bottomless bag”, car after car began disappearing into his garage, only to emerge again later in the day. This was the last straw for local residents, who desperately needed explanations; but before they stormed his house with pitchforks and torches they convened and resolved to consult the local council.

When the council arrived, a week later to investigate, the whole mystery unfolded before the eyes of the community. Mr Fischer, so outraged at the lack of consideration when the council implemented their parking scheme, decided to take matters into his own hands. In the space of a few months, and after many arguments with his wife, Fischer constructed a multi-storey carpark beneath his house.

Through careful planning, and elusion, he excavated the ground beneath his house, reinforced the foundations and constructed a three floor car park, with a capacity of 10 cars per floor.

At the time the council arrived the carpark was already making a three figure profit daily. Although Fischer clearly outside the law, the council had no grounds on which to prosecute as underground carpark construction does not constitute illegal activity in residential areas.

Against all expectations, the council had no choice but to grant Fischer permission to use the facility for public use, provided a share of the profit went to his immediate neighbours as the carpark extended below their property. Since then the carpark has been in constant use and has proven to be a local asset. The carpark is situated on Melbourne Place, Finchley, London.
By netchicken: posted on 1-3-2007

Unfortunately I think this article is a hoax :)
We have all been had!

But I have to congratulate the writers at for such a creative story :)

Someone on picked up on it with a disclaimer from the originating site.
By netchicken: posted on 2-3-2007

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