Why was the Ford Edsel so bad?

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Why was the Ford Edsel so bad?

When I look back on old cars, I am often struck often by the massive expanse of bodywork and metal, as in this case.

But in this famously bad car, just what is so terrible about it? Sure the grill looks like a fish mouth, but was that all?

Named after Henry Ford's so, the Edsel automobile launched on "E Day", September 4th, 1957 with much fanfare and hype. Featuring "Teletouch" steering wheel electric gear-shifting, self-adjusting brakes, and a nifty speedometer redesign, the Edsel failed to resonate with consumers. People still debate the exact reasons for the failing but the general consensus is that Ford didn't have its finger on the pulse of what Americans wanted.

Maybe consumers were put off by statements like, "There's even the luxury of Edsel air suspension. It's just like riding on air, because you are." Whatever the cause, $400,000,000 worth of development was blown in two years when the Edsel was discontinued on November 19th, 1959.

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By netchicken: posted on 3-3-2007

NC I would bet that it has something to do with it being a Ford and not a Holden. :P
By Shan: posted on 8-3-2007

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