Iran to Hamas: Keep fighting Israel!

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Iran to Hamas: Keep fighting Israel!

... Quote:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday urged visiting Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal to continue its "resistance" against Israel, Iran's state television said.

"The [Palestinian] government should use its brave and pious forces to continue resistance against the Zionist regime [Israel]," Ahmadinejad told Meshal at the start of his two-day visit to Iran, state television reported.

Meanwhile, Meshal on Tuesday extracted from Iran a pledge to fund his radical Palestinian movement to compensate for the West's financial blockade of the Palestinian government.

Translation: Keep on blowing up Israeli civilians, keep on targeting families, women and children with your homicide bombers and rockets and we will continue to fund and support you!

Yesterday in the news it was reported that the Iranians are training Hamas personnel in Iran. A few hundred have been trained and many thousands more are expected to be trained.

Yup, a bunch of peaceful idjits.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 7-3-2007

TC whereís the love man? You know they only want peace, right?
Itís those selfish Israelis who are defending themselves causing
All this.

They just donít play fair by attacking back, if only Israel
Put there defenses down Iím sure Hamas and Iran will show
How peaceful they are even if they have to kill every
Last Israeli to prove it.
By Shan: posted on 8-3-2007

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