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The 300 - youtube movie videos and reviews

Apparently this new movie is getting heaps of positive comments in the media.

Here is the trailer for it.. and a very good review from SFGate

The movie thrusts us into this bizarre warlike culture and then, just as we're beginning to get our balance, it surprises us by quickly establishing that these, in fact, are the good guys. The invading Persians are even worse -- mystical, cruel and autocratic, with no proto-democratic traditions.

The hairstyles and manners of dress aren't softened for our benefit but are presented with accuracy, with all their jutting beards and braids. If you've ever seen an exhibition of ancient statuary, "300" is like watching marble turn to flesh and blood, and the effect is fascinating.

There are probably as many six-pack abs on the men here as you'll find on the statues in Rome's Capitoline Museums. It's worth noting, incidentally, that those sculpted bodies make this one of the great beefcake extravaganzas of 2007.

Watching "300," there's the arresting sense of eavesdropping on another time. Things happen that make little sense to us, in terms of our own practices. For example, when King Leonidas -- the commanding Gerard Butler - gets annoyed at a Persian messenger, he kills him and his entire retinue.

I particularly like the little grace note: Before he does it, he steals a glance at his wife, Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey), who nods. We think the nod means "Spare them." It means quite the opposite. This is our welcome to Sparta. The movie is letting us know that we've never been to a place like this.

here is a recommended fight scene from the movie

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By netchicken: posted on 11-3-2007

Wow, here is 300 seconds of the movie, not the trailer but cut from the movie itself.

Its well worth the watch.

By netchicken: posted on 11-3-2007

I posted the trailer to this movie way back in December of last year on SUCU on some thread if I remember correctly.

Its rated R here in the US. Apparently it contains some lechery and lots of butchery! ;)
By IAF: posted on 12-3-2007

Here is the gym where the actors trained with a talk on the techniques they used. Its facinating, a real experience to go through.

The first misconception is that we used a bodybuilding-type program of progressive overload and over-feeding with the goal of making the guys look huge.

We took the opposite route of calorie restriction to make them look like they lived off the land, in the wild, all sinewy and ripped. The diet was adequate to fuel effort and recovery, barely. And we prescribed random physical challenges to keep them off balance, to ensure they never knew what was coming, to cause a stress-reaction, to break them, to make them look bad in front of each other, which eventually led them to trust one another.

Trust made them willing to go all the way to the edge in each other’s company because that’s what the film was about: laying it on the line. Because fight training and conditioning and eating took place in the same facility – essentially in the same room – the actors and the stunt crew did everything under the watchful eyes of everyone else.

Dietary slip-ups were noted, nods given when a particularly hard effort put forth, and general awe expressed when complex choreography was executed without flaw.

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By netchicken: posted on 20-3-2007

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