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Has google snapped a flying triangle?

Researchers claim A black-triangle UFO appears on a Google Earth satellite photo of an isolated area north of Perth, Australia.

The claim is somewhat absurd considering its not black. But there is an answer to that as well. Still its an interesting photo and well worth investigating further.

There is an issue with the color of the image. When you zoom out the landscape turns agriculturally green, yet a closeup is brown. So maybe the colors of the triangle are artificial corrupted by whatever is changing the landscape colors.

Even still it doesn't look like a craft.

... Quote:

The photo was loaded into the Google system in 2007. The object is an equilateral triangle approximately 250 feet on a side, marked by seven points at which fire is emerging from the object.

It is either translucent or using technology that repeats imagery from below the craft onto its upper surfaces.

Its appearance is strikingly similar to a UFO that was extensively photographed in Belgium in 1989, and to the description of an object observed by Betty Cash and Vicki Landrum near Huffman, Texas in 1980.

Google map

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By netchicken: posted on 12-3-2007

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