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In a twist on the New Ageist mantra of having a personal spirit, these Gnome - mads insist we are accompanied by our own personal gnomes. I was wondering what the ticking sound was ... yes its my meta gnome.

Von Lahr, 57, said that everyone is accompanied by at least two gnomes at all times. Because he and Valentine are more attuned than most to the nature people around them, the men have thousands of gnomes and leprechauns in their lives.

Most people don't see them, von Lahr said, "because of peer pressure growing up. You're told not to believe the things you see."

For example, kids are discouraged from having imaginary friends.

Valentine, 37, said they took the whole family to the Cheesecake Factory at Crabtree Valley Mall, where the wings are a favorite of the gnomes. But don't be confused. The foot-tall gnomes don't usually leave tiny teeth marks in the chicken. Rather, they feed on the "etheric" energy surrounding the wings.

The men encourage those who want a connection with nature people to set out food for them, but more often than not, one shouldn't expect any to be missing, even after a gnome feast.

"When they put out milk for them," Valentine said, "they shouldn't be upset when they still see it out the next day, because the nature people have enjoyed it thoroughly."

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By netchicken: posted on 13-3-2007

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